Catalog of 1 Image Selected From Each Series of Work From 1970-Present Day

Each series contains many works of art. Styles vary but are interconnected on many levels. I work in many styles at the same time. Series are completed as the energy moves on.

Series: 121609-21410

Series: Beneath The Veil

Series: Boston

Series: Chakras

Series: Faces

Series: Figure Paintings

Series: Frescoes-Oil on Plaster

Series: Glyphs

Series: Green Float

Series: New Digitals 10-8-2008

Series: New Color I Digitals

Series: New Color II Digitals

Series: New Faces

Series: New Color III Digitals

Series: Painter Originals

Series: Post Accupuncture

Series: Total Anasthesia

Series: Quantums

Series: Self-Portraits

Series: Sun Drawings

Series: Sun Paintings

Series: Works On Paper

Series: Commonwealth Avenue