EROTIC ENTICEMENTS-Sexual Adventures Of A Young Boy All True Stories
By J.L. Orr



I was about nine years old, and was the manager for the varsity basketball team at the local high school. In this city, in the old days, there were three high schools. Students were sent, or could choose, what school they wanted to go to, based on their individual talents or tendencies. The varsity basketball team practiced at the school in the center of town, and played their games in the small gym at the school. Their locker room was a large room off the main locker room, that was situated in the basement of the school. At one end of the varsity basketball teams private locker room, was a door that connected that room to a hallway and the girls locker room on the other side.

As a manger at nine years old, I was always running around doing my managerial duties, and just kind of watching the big guys on the team go about their business. There was always a great deal of nudity, as the guys would undress, put on their uniforms, practice, undress again, take a towel, walk up the stairs to the main locker room and into the showers, then return through the door at the top of their private locker room stairs for their trip back to their individual locker, where they would stand and get dressed again, putting on their street clothes. Most of the guys would carry a towel over their shoulder, and expose their naked bodies as they walked around to and from the showers, and around the locker room in general. I always looked at them, and noticed that their cocks, which were always the focus of my attention, in a covert sort of way, came in many different sizes, as they hung limply between their legs, and bounced either off their thighs, or off their balls, depending on the length, as they strutted around the locker room.

One day I noticed a few guys over in a corner of the locker room looking through a magazine. They were smiling and laughing, and pointing to pictures as they turned the pages, and I wondered as I went about my manager business, what they were looking at with such undivided attention. When the time came for them to go to practice, one of the guys put the magazine back into his gym bag, and the team, which had filtered up to the gym a little at a time, had finally all left the locker room. I grabbed a few towels and ran up to the gym to see if there was anything that needed to be done.

After a half an hour or so, I kind of wandered back downstairs with the intention of seeing what was in the magazine that they guys were so interested in. I figured that since practice was in full swing, and that the guys and coaches were focused on what they were doing, nobody would miss me. I entered the private locker room, and swiftly walked over to the gym bag that contained the magazine. I took the magazine out of the bag, and opened it up, seeing pictures of nude women go fleeting past my eyes as I fanned open the pages quickly. I slowed my pace, and started to look the women in the pictures over from head to toe, at a slower and slower pace, eventually stopping and staring at what I finally realized was meant when a guy uttered the word cunt. The area between the woman=s legs was of increased excitement to me, as I stared at one cunt after another. I began to get very warm, and as time went by, I took off all my clothes, and found myself sitting naked on a bench in the locker room with a full blown erection. I stood up and looked down at my cock, which stood straight out and up as its= tip looked back at me. I felt warm and happy, as I continued browsing through the pictures in the magazine.

The more I looked at the pictures, the warmer I became. My erection was now throbbing, and vibrating, bobbing up and down of its own volition, and looked to be pretty good sized for a nine year old kid. I rubbed it a little, then decided to go for a walk, stark naked with my cock at full attention. I ascended the stairs, and went into the showers and locker room proper to see if anybody was around, so I could show them my hard on. I was proud of my stiff cock, but did not know what to do with it. Nobody was around, so I went back down into the private locker room, and walked over to the door that separated this room from the girls locker room. To my surprise, I found it was not locked when I pulled on the handle, so I opened this door and entered the girls locker room. My hard on still stood straight up, and my blood was surging through my body. I walked around in the girls locker room a little while, when I heard voices coming from corner a few aisles over toward the back, so I walked toward the speaking. I turned a corner around the end of a row of lockers, and saw two girls talking as they sat in their underwear, while toweling off their still wet hair. I was in Nirvana, just from what I was feeling, and was now standing with a hard on in front of two girls. At first they seemed surprise, and let out with a few little gasps, before they started to laugh and giggle. I just stood there in front of them smiling with my erection vibrating from the blood that was surging through me. The two girls were much older than I was, and looked pretty in their underwear and bras.

One of them asked me what I was doing there, and I just shrugged my shoulders and moved my head indicating that I did not know why I was there. I could not speak, out of excitement and apprehension, so she motioned for me to come over to her. As I got next to her, she reached out and began to stroke me cock with a sensitive hand that seemed like it knew what it was doing. The other girl bent over, and gave me a little kiss on the cheek, as she began to rub my back at the same time that the first girl was rubbing my cock. They both took off their bras, and the first girl slid off her panties as well, leaving her as naked as I was. I was becoming unconscious with the pounding of blood inside my head and inside my body, as the second girl knelt down and rubbed her breasts against my body, eventually putting my erect penis between them. She closed her eyes, and moaned a little with pleasure, pinching her breasts together with my erection between them, as the first girl, still stark naked, kissed the top of my head, and worked her way down my back. Her hands eventually got down between my legs, when she started to play around with my asshole, and started to massage my balls. I was still standing quietly and silently as the two girls worked me over. I felt a finger starting to penetrate my asshole, as the other girl was now sucking on my dick with her mouth. I did not know what to do, or what was happening, except that I liked the feeling, and that I did not want them to stop. The one girl worked her finger all the way into my asshole and wiggled it around a little, as the other rolled her head around my pulsating dick. I closed my eyes, and started to relax.

The girl behind me took her finger out of my ass, and moved in front of me. I opened my eyes to see what she was going to do, as she moved closer to me and straddled my face with her cunt, tickling me with her pubic hair, then rubbing her moist, sweet, scented cunt in my face. The other girl reached around us, and was playing with my balls as she rubbed her face against the other girl=s legs. After a while, the naked girl took me by the hand and told me to lay down on a bench. I did as she asked, and looked down to see my cock standing straight up, still bobbing up and down from the pulsations of pleasure that I was feeling. This naked girl then walked over to me as I lay on the bench and put one leg on either side of me, and sat her self down on top of me, as I watched and felt my cock disappear someplace inside the space between her legs. All I could see now was her pubic hair, as she sat and wiggled her body on top of mine. I focused on my erection, and felt my cock sliding around in a warmth and wetness that I never felt before. I looked at this girl wiggling and sliding around as she sat on top of me, and her breasts bounced up and down as she closed her eyes with a smile on her face. I closed my eyes as well, and felt the other girl put her lips still closed, and all I could do was feel. I felt the girl on top of me move quicker and quicker as she gyrated her body, and moved her wetness up and around my still stiff dick. I felt her slick insides tighten around my cock, and heard her let a small whimper as her wetness clenched my cock, and gave it a few quick spasms. At the same time this was happening, I felt something starting to come out the end of my penis. I was powerless to stop anything at this point, and let whatever it was just ooze, then eventually gush out of me and into her body. The other girl was still kissing me as I began to feel spasms of my own, that eventually turned into unconscious, uncontrollable jerks of pleasure. My head felt funny, and a rush of power and energy swept through me as I released all the tension that had built in me before and during this encounter.

My dick was still hard, and inside her cunt as we stopped our movements. She got up off of me, as my penis slid out of her insides, and I looked at my dick to see it covered with wetness. The girl who was on top of me rubbed the hair on top of my head, smiled, walked over to her locker, and began to put on her clothes, as the other girl put on her bra and stated to get dressed too.

I looked at them both, and felt my dick that was no longer erect. I rubbed my hand around it, and felt the residue of wetness that was still on its skin. I put my hand to my nose, and smelled the scent of what had just happened to me, then I ran as fast as I could back to the private locker room, put on my clothes, and ran back upstairs to watch the guys practice.

After it happened, I never thought too much about my sexual incident in the locker room with the two older girls. I do remember that both of them had dark hair, the one who sat on me and put my dick into her had black hair, on her head and on her pubis, and the other one that gave me head and rubbed my cock on her breasts had dark brown hair. In retrospect, both of them were probably about seventeen or eighteen years old, and more than likely they were both juniors or seniors in high school.

After a few days, the sexual encounter slipped further back in my memory. I was pretty frightened when I turned the corner around the lockers, and found the two girls looking at me in disbelief. Both of them lowered their gazes of astonishment to my more than ample penis that was standing there pulsating, and pointing right at the two of them, at a forty-five degree angle from the horizontal, in a rigid salute. When they started to giggle and put their hands over their mouths, I did not know what to expect. It was not until I realized that they realized what was happening to me that I began to relax. I fully expected them to tell me to get the hell out of their locker room, but since it was late in the afternoon, and no one else was around, I guess they decided to have some fun with me, and the two girls handled the whole situation in a kind and sensitive manner, that left me with only good feelings.

I began to get my hands on pictures of fully naked women with their legs spread apart in one way or another, so I could look at what was between their legs. The first picture I managed to bring home with me was of a buxom blond woman, sitting at the edge of a swimming pool, with her legs spread apart, with one knee up near her shoulder, and the other leg hanging in the swimming pool. The thing that attracted me about this picture was the sensuous, far off look on her face, the crooked smile that ended with one corner of her mouth tilted upward, and the fact that she did not have any hair between her legs, and her vagina was fully visible in the outdoor light, with both of her pussy lips showing nicely between her crotch lines and the space between them. Her clitoris was also visible as she was clearly aroused. I think I tore this picture out of a magazine in one of the basketball player=s gym bags, or I got it from a magazine in the back of a book store in town.

I folded the picture of this blond, and shoved it quickly into one of the back pockets in my trousers, and could not wait to get home to look at her again. My blood was pumping, and I felt like a thief that had just stolen a million dollars. I kept my woman folded and put away in a book in the upstairs bathroom of our house, carefully hidden where no one else could find her. I would sit on the toilet, and put the picture on the front of me, and would get an instant hard on, which I massaged and milked endlessly in an effort to duplicate the feelings on my aroused penis that the girls in the locker room had given me. I rubbed the head and tip with the palm of my left hand, to duplicate the feeling of the girl=s mouth doing the same thing, and I would squeeze and stroke my penis=s ever lengthening shaft to fell the sensations of the other girl wiggling and squirming on top of me with my cock up inside her. Eventually, a would ejaculate, either into the toilet, or into the palm of my other hand, when I would rub the seminal fluid that came out of me up and down my shaft, feeling the warm pleasant wetness on my penis skin as I came for what seemed like forever. All the while, I would either focus on the picture of the blond in front of me. The closer I came to an orgasm, the more my focus would narrow, and go like a laser to her pink pussy lips and the slightly open space between them. Then as I was about to sperm, I would close my eyes, and think of the two girls in the locker room, recalling every scent, smell, and sensation that I could find in my memory, as I gently stroked my penis, and let my orgasm happen of its own volition. I would spasm in the back of my head, and my eyes would start to tingle and close as the fluid began to gush out the tip of my penis. It was pleasure beyond belief.

It seems that my life has always been tied to things sexual. Everything I have ever done, has had some sexual overtone to it. Religion is tied to sex, sports are tied to sex, and relaxation is tied to sex. I cannot get away from it. I was a precocious little boy, and had pubic hair and developed genitals years before any of the other kids with whom I went to school. When you piss side by side at the urinals in lavatories and restrooms, guys have a habit of looking down covertly at the other guy=s penis, just to see what it looks like. The other kids in my class knew that I was more developed than the rest of them, and so did the girls. As a result, girls, particularly older girls, would never leave me alone. I had so much hair on my upper lip at ten years old that I either had to start shaving or grow a mustache. So it was fairly evident that I was well developed, in many ways, even at nine years old. My physical prowess was always above and beyond anything that any other kids could muster, so I spent a lot of time standing around by myself. I guess I intimated and scared the other guys to the point that they would not pick me to play in games, so I had to wander off to the side, and stand and watch angrily, not understanding, at least back then, why I could not participate. To put it mildly, I was different.

Older girls were always curious about me, and tried to arrange meetings with me through the girls in my grade school class. Once in a while a girl would come over to me in private, and tell me that her cousin or friend from another school wanted to meet me alone someplace just so we could talk. It was always the same pattern, and after my first encounter with the two girls in the locker room, I would always agree to go meet these other girls, just out of curiosity, and out of loneliness. It was nice to be wanted, and to have someone pay a little attention to me. The result of these pre-arranged meetings would always result in the older girls either asking me if they could see my privates, or just going ahead and undoing my belt and pulling down my pants so they could see for themselves what they had heard about. Maybe the girls in the locker room found out who I was, and told their girlfriends what had happened, or maybe I had a magnetism or obvious physical development and willingness that these girls wanted to take advantage of.

Whatever the case, sex was a big part of my life from the time I was very young, and I was never afraid to participate, at least unconsciously, in a strange way that related to my psyche, soul, and spirit, and that I could not, as a youth, fully comprehend. Sexuality, and sexual acts, in many ways, shapes and forms, were becoming an integral part of my experience, with which I was both comfortable and uncomfortable. I was not even ten years old, and I did not fully understand, but yet I did understand. I was drawn instinctively to these young women, and wanted what I knew they would offer or go ahead and take from me. In any event, it did not matter, as I could not refuse any of them, and my soul craved this sustenance. The funny thing was that their was never any cruelty, and every experience held both a sensitivity and understanding that made it even more pleasurable and alluring. I guess these girls had as much to lose or gain as I did.

Chapter 2


Elaine was one of my classmates from grade school. Elaine came over to me one day, which I thought was a little strange in itself, since I seemed to put the fear of God into most of the little girls in my class at the parochial school where I did my elementary education, during lunch period and started talking to me about one of her cousins. Elaine told me that her cousin=s name was Laura or something, and that she played in the band at the high school. Laura was apparently interested in meeting me, and asked Elaine to approach me about the chances of arranging a Adate@ one night soon, Elaine told me her cousin would meet me after band practice at the local high school. I was kind of flattered that a high school girl, or any girl, was interested in me, so I agreed to do it.

I was supposed to meet Laura at the local high school football field, where the band practiced, a couple nights later, where I would wait for her next to the monument, that stood at one end of the field, and that held up the huge flag pole. Laura would know who I was because I was not to tell anybody else what I was doing, and that I was supposed to be waiting all alone. My only problem was that since this was a nighttime meeting, and that I was only nine years old, I needed to find a reason to be there. I told my mom that some guys were playing a football game up at the practice fields behind the stadium, and that they asked me to play. So I arranged a game with some of my friends, who were to meet me behind the stadium a few hours before dark.

My friends arrived at the practice fields at the appointed time. We played our football game as the band practiced, played their music, and went through their paces on the field inside the stadium. I was pretty focused on my football game, but always heard the band music in the background. Our game went on for a couple of hours, until it started to get dark, and the guys said that they had to get going, and besides, we could not see the football too well in the twilight, so it was time to quit. I told them that I was going to hang around for a while, and wait until the band finished practicing, so I kind of meandered up to the top fields and stood near the flagpole while the band finished up their routine, as night fell quickly. As I stood next to the monument waiting for Laura, I wanted to run back and join the rest of the guys as they walked home. Consciously, I kept telling myself that this girl, Laura, just wanted to talk to me, but I knew some place in the back of my mind, that, since she was older and in high school, there was only one thing that she wanted from me. I was nervous, and kept wanting to run, but I stayed there waiting, as the band finished their routine, and started to disperse.

I spotted a girl break off from the rest of the band ensemble, and start walking toward the flagpole where I was anxiously waiting. As she got closer, I could tell in the twilight that she was much bigger than I was, and that as she got even closer, I saw that she had a big set of tits for a high school girl. The girl walked up to me carrying an instrument case in one hand, and told me her name was Laura. She then asked if I knew Elaine, and when I nodded and uttered yes, she asked me if I wanted to go for a walk. Laura started to walk off into the darkness, down toward a corner of the practice fields that was somewhat secluded, and behind a little hill that separated the stadium from the lower fields, and I followed her.
The late summer air was still very warm, and this night in particular stayed warm, and held a certain comfortable dampness even thought the humidity was very low. I was wearing my blue jeans, and a light colored sport shirt that was soiled and dirty from the football game that I just played in. Laura and I got to where she was comfortable, and she sat down on the grass and motioned for me to sit next to her. Laura was talking about something, and in light of what I knew was about to happen, I did not, and could not listen to her. I did not sit down, but stood in front of her as she talked.

After a few minutes of her incessant banter, Laura reached over to me from her position on the grass, and started to undo the belt that held up my blue jeans. Her talking stopped as the belt came loose, and as she undid the button at the top of my pants, and then pulled my jeans to the ground, along with my underwear. I instinctively stepped out of my pants that were resting on the ground, but was still wearing my sneakers, socks, and sport shirt. Laura rustled a little bit, stood up in front of me and she took off her own pants, shirt, panties, and bra. She reached over and pulled my shirt up over my shoulders, exposing all my sweat covered skin to the comfortable, warm night air. I took off my sneakers and socks, and stood next to her in the darkness, when she pulled me toward her. Our naked, sweating bodies were now pressed together, as she started to hug me and rub my back. I was kind of paralyzed, and really did not know what to expect. Laura=s body was warm, and as I was shorter in height than she was, my face was pressed against her breasts, which she ground into my face as she pulled my head tighter against her body. Laura=s skin vibrated with a smooth, warm dampness, and I liked it. As she rubbed my face into her breasts, she reached down with her other hand and grabbed hold of my penis, that was by now, involuntarily rigid and hard.

The scent of her body, and the familiar smells, that I first smelled a few months back in time during my locker room encounter, that started to rise from between her legs in the darkness, made my blood pump harder through my veins. Laura seemed to be a kind, gentle soul, as she held me tight against her self with one hand, and massaged my nine-year old cock and balls with her other hand. I was still standing, as she bent down a little, and kissed me on the mouth. Her tongue slid into my mouth slowly, as our lips pressed together, and as our heads moved in circles in a powerful kissing motion that lasted for quite a while. Laura then moved her attention down to my penis, and knelt on the damp grass, as she began to kiss and fondle my balls, eventually putting her lips on the head of my dick. After kissing the head for a while, she started to slide my hard penis into her mouth, and eventually swallowed its entire length, as her hands were on my lower back and ass cheeks, pulling me closer to her. I could feel her throat muscles tighten on the head of my dick as she began to breath harder and harder through her nose.

I liked what was happening to me, because it felt good, and the attention that these girls gave to me somehow filled an emptiness that was constantly with me. I was aware of this empty, kind of sick feeling, but never knew what it was, being a nine-year old boy who survived mostly on instincts, but I knew that I liked what Laura was doing to me.

I was still standing, as Laura took my penis out of her mouth, and told me to lay on my back on the ground. I did as she asked, and looked down to see my prick resting hard, just an inch or two above my stomach. I grabbed it with my hand, and felt the pulsations rush through it as it vibrated in the darkness. The damp grass felt good against my naked back, and I looked up at Laura, who seemed to tower above me, as the sky and the stars stared to appear in the nighttime sky behind her head. I could not really see what she looked like, since it was so dark, but this did not really matter. Laura started to move toward me again, and got down on her knees as her legs straddled my body, and all I could see was her back. She gradually wiggled her self back toward my face as I felt a warm wet feeling sliding up my chest, and raised her hips slightly, after which she lowered her female wetness on top of my face. I did not know what to do. The aromas of this teenage pussy were overwhelming, but the feeling of this warm, wet thing against my face made me happy, warm, and secure, as I closed my eyes, and tasted and smelled up close, for the first time, the fragrant perfumed essences that came from between a girls legs. Laura ground her pussy harder against my face as I could feel her pubic hair, her wet skin, the folds of her woman=s parts, and the opening between her legs all at the same time. I could hardly breath, and opened my eyes long enough to see the stars shining down at me through the crack of her ass. This whole experience was overwhelming. I breathed harder with my mouth open, and inhaled the fruits of her passion. Her juices began to fill my mouth, as I stuck my tongue out, and gently began to feel the moist insides of her pussy.

This was more than I could comprehend, but I reacted in the only way that I knew how. Laura was rubbing her pussy harder and harder on my face, as I tasted, licked and drank the gifts of her femininity. I loved the aromas, and I loved the feeling that she was giving me. Laura raised her body and arched her back, all the while continuing the frantic movement of her grinding hips. She started to stroke my penis with her right hand, as her hip movements got quicker and quicker, and her pussy ground harder and harder against my face. Suddenly, Laura raised her self just enough, so that her cunt was just touching my face, and then she started to moan and twitch. After a while, she lowered her pussy, in a more relaxed way, back onto my face, and ground it again, this time in a slower and more relaxed manner. My nose slid into her vagina, and I inhaled through my nose, and breathed through my mouth at the same time.

With a deep breath, Laura moved in the darkness, and again put her lips around the tip of my still rigid prick. She kept her pussy on my face, while she kissed my dick, and stroked my shaft with one of her hands. Her cunt was still grinding slightly on my face, when I suddenly stuck out my tongue, and started to lick her asshole that was moist from her juices, and sitting there right in front of me. I liked the taste and the feeling, and as I did this, Laura let out a moan of pleasure and surprise, and then worked my cock deeper into her mouth. I was a mass of sensation, and the insides of my head began to spin in circles as I closed my eyes. I worked my juice covered tongue deeper into her anus, and it slid in easily, as she sucked and stroked my cock with a renewed intensity. Her mouth felt like a vacuum cleaner, sucking furiously on my hard cock, as her hand gently stroked the part of my shaft that was not in her mouth. I felt like I was about to explode, as my tongue probed her anus, and as she worked my cock over with a sensitive massage. Suddenly, my hips began to move in an up and down motion, and I could feel her mouth tighten around my cock. Laura moved her head in unison with my thrusting, and kept my dick in her mouth as I began to release my fluid. I felt my eyes close and squint, as I gasped for breath. I began to moan loudly as I felt her tongue on my dick, and her hand massaging my shaft, milking every drop of fluid out of me. I felt like I was on fire, as my heart began to beat faster and faster. The taste of Laura=s insides, together with the sensations of her mouth and hand on my dick was too much for me to bear. Sensory overload had turned into what I would come to understand as orgasm, an my fluid exploded into Laura=s mouth. As my fluid stopped flowing, I finally started to relax. Laura let go of my penis, and got off of me, saying that we better get dressed, and get home, since it was now very dark and getting into evening.

After we quickly put our clothes on, Laura picked up her band instrument, kissed me lightly on one cheek, and took me by the hand. We walked quickly to her car that was parked in the upper parking lot. She told me to get in the car, and asked me where I lived. After a short drive, Laura dropped me off a block or two from my house, said good-by, and drove away. I immediately started running toward my house, and never looked back at her car. Finally, I was home.

After that I do not remember much, except that I ate a quick supper, and went up to bed. School was starting in a couple days, and I wanted to get some sleep. I must have smelled like girl and pussy, as I could still smell Laura=s juices and aroma all over me. Every one at home seemed to be content going about their business, until somebody asked my how my game went, and I said I scored a couple touchdowns. After that, I ran up stairs, and jumped into my bed. My mother came up a short while later to say our prayers, and kiss my good night.

The light was finally out, and I closed my eyes in the darkness of my bedroom.


Laura, Again

Part of a class assignment at our parochial school was to go to a movie about religion, and then write a report about what we saw. I went to the local movie house with a classmate named Dave, and Elaine, the girl who arranged my first liaison with her cousin Laura. The movie showing was in the evening. I remember sitting next to Dave and Elaine as the theater darkened and the movie started. After a few minutes, a girl shuffled into our row of seats and sat down next to me. I almost recognized her, but then again I did not. Her identity came to me in a flash when she put her hand on my thigh, and turned to me with a big smile on her face. It was Laura from the football field, the older girl that I met after her band practice earlier that autumn, and who was very physical with me.

Without saying a word, Laura slowly worked her hand up my thigh, and slowly began to rub my penis and balls while we sat silently and watched the movie. All I remember about the plot of the show was that it had something to do with the Blessed Virgin Mary. Something seemed really not right about what I was doing, but Laura was enjoying herself as she massaged my privates through my pants, and I liked how it felt. It had been a while since she gave me sex at the football field, and I was starting to remember, all over again what it felt like. Laura=s breath seemed to be getting warmer, and I could feel my temperature rise and the blood start to flow harder and pound through my veins as Laura moved in closer to me and put her head on my chest while she continued to massage my penis, which was suddenly hard and rigid of its own volition, and against my better judgement, given the circumstances of where we were and what we were supposed to be doing.

I turned my head to the left, and saw Dave and Elaine, who were in the two seats next to us, kissing heavily. Dave had is hand up Elaine=s blouse, as the two of them suddenly disappeared beneath their seats, disappearing from my view in a sliding motion, as Elaine, who was on top of Dave, slid down to the floor as she was positioned between his legs, while at the same time pulling Dave along with her. Laura then proceeded to move her head from my chest, placing her lips against mine, and kissing me in a slow, deliberate manner, while sliding her tongue slowly into my mouth. I looked past her head and up at the movie screen to see a giant image of the Virgin Mary staring back at me, as Laura worked her tongue in and out of my mouth, while she simultaneously stroked my erect penis that she had released from my pants through the zipper. A feeling of fear and panic started to rise inside me as I looked at the image of Mary up on the screen. I wanted to stop what Laura was doing to me, but I was helpless to do anything except let her continue. I loved physical contact, and I loved the way Laura was doing what she was doing to me, despite my feelings of guilt, and despite the fact that the Virgin Mary was staring at me watching the whole thing.

Laura was at least seventeen years old, and I had just passed my tenth birthday. I liked the attention, and true to what I had done in my first sexual encounters, I just went along for the ride until whatever was going to happen, happened, and reached its natural conclusion. Sex was becoming a part of my life, and at a very young age. Laura was obviously experienced, and knew what she was doing. So I laid back, and took my mind elsewhere, as the strange dichotomy of emotion that was surging through me became too much to handle. I became a detached observer to my own reality, as I suddenly watched Dave and Elaine, and me and Laura, doing what we were doing, but from a distance. My mind and awareness had taken exit, and detached itself from the experience intellectually, as my body was still able to feel every sensation involved in the sexual encounter. What was happening to me personally was a totally instinctive reaction to an emotional overload. I was raised in a very religious environment at home and in school. I wanted Laura to keep doing what she was doing, while at the same time, I wanted to run away and stay true to my religious upbringing.

As I watched through my detached awareness, I saw Laura=s head move away from mouth, and go down into my lap. In an instant, I could feel her wet and warm lips and mouth as they encircled the head of my penis. As I leaned back and slid down into my seat, Laura moved on top of me and straddled my lap with her legs, as she put her arms around my neck, and started to kiss me in a furious and passionate manner, moving her head in circles, as her mouth pressed against my mouth, and as her tongue, which felt hard, moved deeply inside my mouth, probing and moving wildly as her movements increased in intensity. Laura=s skirt covered my lap, and my penis was rubbing against her skin underneath.

Suddenly a bright blue light covered the entire theater, along with an intense sound of dramatic music. The image of the Blessed Virgin again filled the huge screen, as I opened my eyes, looked past Laura=s head, and looked up to see the Virgin, as the blue light that emanated from the image on the movie screen shined on Laura=s hair. In a second or two after this, Laura moved her hips upward slightly, as her buttocks pressed against my thighs, giving her the necessary leverage to do what she was doing. I could start to feel a warm wetness around the tip of my penis, as Laura slowly lowered her hips, and as she released a deep breath into my mouth, and let out a silent moan. I now felt a warm wet feeling cover the length of my penis, as Laura moved her hips in an up and down motion, that eventually turned into a circular motion. Some of this warm wetness slid down onto my balls, and between my legs. I was a mass of confusion, fear, and apprehension. There were some other people in the theater, and I was afraid we were going to get caught in our actions. Guilt swelled withing me, along with warm feelings of happiness. Laura=s body felt good as she smothered and surrounded me. I could hardly breath, as she was totally involved in what she doing to me, and I loved ever second of it despite my other contrasting feelings.

My penis slid in and out of Laura as she continued to move her hips, faster and faster, while kissing me on the mouth, harder and harder. I was totally abandoned by any sense of self or consciousness, as my head began to lighten, and as Laura=s wet insides clamped tighter around my penis. She suddenly stopped her movements, and took her mouth away from mine, burying her face in my shoulder. The music from the movie screen increased in loudness, as Laura let loose with a few quick spaasmodic movements of her hips, as her insides clenched my penis, making me feel as if my dick was caught in a vice. Laura then released a slow intense moan that was stifled by the fabric of my shirt, and as her mouth was pressed tightly against my shoulder. I felt my whole penis buried up inside her as she slid around on top of it. I was as wet and warm as my penis, as I began to involuntarily release my fluid from the end of my dick. I closed my eyes and shuddered and flinched in a quiet spasm of happiness. Laura=s fingers were digging into my back, as the two of us were now lost in the finality of our encounter. I could feel her start to stop her movements, as I felt a tightness in the place down beneath my balls in between my legs. I began another series of spasms, and released more fluid into Laura. I was unconscious, and followed my orgasmic journey to its conclusion. Laura=s movements had by now ceased, but I was still not at the end of my orgasm.

Laura stayed on top of me with her head on my shoulder, and waited until I was finished with my sperming and spasming. She kissed my neck softly, as I finally became still and silent in my seat. A big cross appeared on the movie screen, along with a picture of a church, as Laura lifted herself off of my lap, and sat in her seat for a moment. I reached down and put my penis back into my pants, that were soaked with the juices that came out of Laura. I pulled my zipper up, took a deep breath, and started to watch the movie, hoping that I could catch enough of the plot so I could fulfill the assignment and write a report. But by now, all hope was gone.

Laura had vanished, as had Dave and Elaine. I was left sitting there by myself staring at huge religious images on a movie screen, and I was filled with guilt, while at the same time feeling a great sense of happiness, delight, and warmth, even though Laura had suddenly erased herself from my presence, leaving me with nothing but a memory, and pants that were sopping wet around the crotch. I slumped down into my seat, as I turned around slightly to see who was sitting behind me. I was pretty much isolated and alone, and slightly embarrassed, and sat in silence as I waited for the movie to end, as my consciousness returned to my body. As I sat in the darkness, watching light from the screen flicker in front of me, I thought about what had just happened to me, and decided to forget the whole sequence of events, but I could not deny that the whole thing was real. I wondered what it meant, and could not think anymore, as fear began to overtake me. I was tired and wanted to leave the theater, but did not want to get up and walk out and have someone recognize me. I stayed until the movie ended and waited until most everyone had turned their backs and started to walk out before I made my retreat to the streets, and walked home.

The next day before classes started all the guys huddled around me and asked me what happened, and wanted to know how it felt. I figured out that either Dave had watched and told everyone about me and Laura, or that Laura called Elaine and told her every sordid detail of what happened between us. I denied that anything had happened at all, and the more I played dumb, the more intense the questions became. I pleaded with someone to tell me what the movie was about, so I could write a quick synopsis before the first bell rang, and we had to go into our class rooms. Nobody would tell me what I needed to know, so I got up, and walked away from my crowd of admirers. I felt badly enough about what I did the night before with Laura, and now I found out that the whole school knew about it. There was nothing I could do but keep denying that what they thought had happened ever happened.



As part of my education at the parochial school, I played on the basketball team that participated in the CYO, or Catholic Youth Organization League. We had seven or eight boys on our team that practiced at a gym that was upstairs in one of the Polish organization buildings a couple blocks away from the school. Our locker room was up on a stage, behind a huge velvet curtain that hung at one end of the gym, and is where the team went up to change into our uniforms before every practice. My customary routine was to strip naked, then dress into my uniform, starting with a jockstrap, shorts, jersey, socks, then sneakers. I already had pubic hair, and was a few years ahead of the other kids as far as physical development, and I had enough penis and balls to fill a jockstrap. I was a boy in a man=s body. All the other boys would just take off their pants and shirts, and put their trunks on over their underpants, since their privates were still not developed into the early stages of manhood, and were as smooth as silk, with no pubic hair and small bouncing penis=s that were not yet really extended away from their bodies. My dressing room routine followed that of the older guys in high school and professional locker rooms, the places that I had been frequenting since I was a small boy. I just did what all the other athletes I admired were doing, and put on my uniform from the ground up, so to speak. The other guys would always stare at my privates when I stripped naked. I suppose you could say I was a curiosity, since I was the only boy with enough meat between my legs to fill a jockstrap, and most of the guys knew that I already had sex, or was laid, by older girls.

After our dressing room session on the stage, the team would descend the steps off the stage side door, and go to the gym and wait for the coach, who only showed up for practice about once a month, so we were usually left to our own devices. Our cheerleaders, who were girls from our class at school, would come and practice their routines once or twice a week, when they would show up during practice, do their cheering, then leave the gym.

One day in particular I went to the gym for practice at the usual time, and noticed that none of the other boys had shown up yet. I knew we had a practice scheduled for that day, and as I liked to work out on my own as often as possible, I was pleased that they were not there yet, so I proceeded to walk up the stairs to the gym, went up onto the stage, and began my undressing and dressing routine. As I removed my pants, I thought I heard a little giggle come from behind the backstage curtain. I stopped for a moment, then shrugged it off as just a noise, after which I continued to undress. I took off my underpants, shirt, and socks, and was standing nude by my dressing station, when I knew I heard shuffling and giggling behind the backstage curtain. I did not know what to do at first, so I kind of floundered around in disbelief and surprise, as the giggling became louder. When my mind started to work again after an initial rush of anger, I figured out that the other guys were not yet at practice because they had arranged for the cheerleaders to be behind the curtain, to have a look at my overdeveloped ten-year-old body. A sudden calm came over me, and I could feel a small surge of warmth enter my penis, as I heard the girls in the back still talking, and as they now made no attempt to conceal the fact that they were watching me. I decided to go over to them, and show them what they wanted to see. I suddenly felt good about the whole thing, and proud of my body, as I walked buck naked over to the side of the stage where the girls were hidden, pulled back the curtain, and gave them a full frontal view of what they had come to see. By then, my dick had a slight rise to it, that was quickly turning into a full erection. I pretended that I was angry, as my penis had quickly become fully erect. The reality was that I was happy, and hoped one or two or all of them would like to explore my budding manhood.

As I looked at the girls, their hands went quickly to their mouths, in gestures of surprise. There were seven or eight cheerleaders standing in front of me, all with hands over their mouths, and with their eyes all glued to my pounding erection. I was not afraid anymore, as the girls stood in silence, and as I asked them if they this is what they had come to see. Most of the girls started to run in fear, laughing and screaming down the stage stairs, across the gym, and out the door. Two of the more mature girls, Chris and Mary Jo, stayed and looked a little more. I told them I was going over to put my uniform on, and that they had seen enough, so I turned around, showing them my ass, and walked across the stage to my dressing station. When I sat down on my chair, I saw that the two girls had followed me, and continued to look and smile at my hard penis that was staring at them as it rose above my thighs as I sat in the chair. My first instinct was to spread my legs, and let my balls dangle off the chair, and give them a full view of what they were so intent on staring at. I did just that, and asked them if they would like to play around with me a little. Mary Jo moved toward me first, and put her hand on the shaft of my dick, grabbing onto it like it was a hammer. She squeezed it hard, and I told her to lighten up on her grip. She did as I asked, and stroked my shaft in an up and down motion, commenting on how nice the soft skin felt, and voicing her surprise as to how hard it was. Chris then asked if she could try, and took over from Mary Jo, just touching my penis softly at first, then stroking me with just enough pressure, making me feel as if I was doing it myself. I put my head back, took a deep breath, and smiled, as the blood started to flow harder into my dick, and as my heart started to beat faster and faster.

In a gesture that surprised me, Chris moved her head quickly downward, got on her knees, and kissed the head of my prick, at first only once, then twice, then three times. After the third kiss, she put her lips over the head, and sucked on it a little. Mary Jo was now on her knees, and had taken over stroking my shaft, as Chris continued to suck hard on the head of my dick. I moaned slightly, and they both looked up at me in surprise, and asked if they were hurting me. I assured the two of them that there was no pain, and that I liked what they were doing. They continued their team effort of massaging and sucking on my dick and balls, when I asked them if they would both take off their pants. They asked me why, and I told them it was only fair that I get to look at their privates, as they had a good view of mine. Chris and Mary Jo then released my penis, sending it bouncing and slapping off my stomach, as they stood up and removed their blue jeans. They stood silently in front of me in their underpants, when I told them that their panties had to come off too. At first they refused, but when I told them I would squeal about the fact that they had hidden behind the curtain in the first place, they agreed, and stepped out of their undergarments.

As I looked them both over with a hungry smile on my face, I noticed that neither one of the girls had any pubic hair. They were standing in front of me shyly, when I reached out and pulled Chris toward me. I was still sitting in the chair, and her pubic area was right in front of my face, so I bent a little, parted her legs, lowered my face to her body, and kissed her sweet little vagina. I had done this to Laura in a sixty-nine position out in the practice fields, so I knew a little about what I was doing. Chris seemed to like it, and eventually relaxed, and slid her clean, smooth ten year old vagina onto my face. I got down on my knees to get a better angle, and licked at her budding young pussy lips. After few minutes with Chris, I moved, still on my knees, over to Mary Jo, and gave her the same treatment. My cock was wavering as I moved, and bouncing in full erection. I loved the smells from between their legs, and licked Mary Jo with a little more intensity. Then I moved back and forth between the two pussies for a minute or two, still on my knees. I felt like I wanted to explode, got up off my knees, and sat back down in the chair. My legs were spread, and my penis was throbbing and bobbing up and down. I told the two girls to start stroking me again, so they got down on their knees, and grabbed hold of the shaft. Chris had a very nice feel for what she was doing, but Mary Jo was a little lost. I took Mary Jo=s hand, placed it on the head of my dick, and guided her through the motion of massaging me with just the right movements and just the right amount of pressure. Both girls seemed to be enjoying themselves, as they continued their exploration of my body.

I could feel my fluid starting to travel up my penis shaft, and I knew I was about to orgasm. A white drop appeared out the tip of my prick, as my hips started to move, and my eyes started to squint. The girls started to gasp as the white, thick fluid began to slowly ooze out of my dick. They had obviously never seen this happen before, and stopped their massaging motion to watch what was happening. I told them to keep doing what they were doing, and could not hold back any longer. Chris and Mary Jo both stroked my penis, and griped it and milked it a little harder, seemingly in an instinctual reaction to my own impending spasms. Suddenly the first shot of semen shot out of my penis, and under tremendous pressure, flew about five feet in the air and across the stage. The girls both gasped, but continued their stroking in a feverish manner. The first shot of come was followed by what seemed like a pint of thick, white seminal fluid. I continued to gush, as the two girls stroked and milked my penis. The fluid continued to pour out of my penis, and streamed down on Chris=s and Mary Jo=s hands. When I finished my orgasm, Mary Jo put one of her hands to her mouth, and licked the semen with a silent smile of satisfaction on her face. Chris saw what Mary Jo was doing, and licked some off her own hands, as she too smacked her lips in satisfaction.

I finally relaxed, and told the girls, who were still on their knees, that we had better get dressed because the rest of the guys would be coming to practice very soon. I watched with fascination as Chris and Mary Joe slid into their panties and blue jeans, and they in turn watched me intently as I tucked my wet prick and balls into my jockstrap. The girls put on their shoes, and I finished getting into my uniform. We said good bye to each other and kind of hinted around that we should not tell anybody else what had transpired between us. The girls agreed with me, as I picked up my basketball and began to dribble it down the stairs and onto the court. I took a few shots, as the girls disappeared through the doorway on their way to the exit. The other guys started to arrive for practice a while later, and as I looked at them enter the gym, they all displayed looks of puzzled bewilderment. I went about my business of practicing, and smiled brightly as I watched shot after shot go through the hoop and fall back to me through the net. There was a new rhythm to what I was doing, that was coupled with a good feeling of relaxed satisfaction.

The next day in school, Chris and Mary Jo looked as aloof as they normally did, and showed no signs of anything between us. As we said our morning prayers and saluted the flag, I glanced over at Chris, and she smiled a coy smile back at me. I looked over at Mary Jo with a smile on my face, and saw her start to laugh with a big smile on her face. I knew then that everything was good between us, and if they did talk about what had happened between us, it would be discreet.

After that day with Chris and Mary Jo on the stage when they jerked me off, it was business as usual around the school. Neither one of them said anything to me, and I did not bother with either of them. It was just normal behavior for ten year old kids. The basketball season progressed through the winter time, and moved along as we won a few games and lost just as many.

One day I heard some of the older kids talking about the shower room that was in the basement of the building that housed the gym where we practiced our basketball. They often held semi-pro games there, and I always wondered where the players came from when they entered the gym from a side door at a far corner of the gym itself. When I heard these older boys talking about a shower room, something clicked inside my head, and I figured out where the showers were, so one day after practice, I decided to investigate.

It was always my habit to stay after the regular practice, and work on my shooting, and on one new move that I would invent on a weekly basis. I remained true to my work ethic, and stayed for about an hour after the regular practice, and worked on my game. When I had enough work, and worked up a good sweat, I went back to the dressing area on the stage, and stripped off my practice uniform. I put my clothes and uniform in my gym bag, turned off the lights in the gym, and walked naked through the darkness toward the door that would lead me to the locker room and showers. I was excited by the fact that I was walking out in the open with no clothes on, and my heart started to pound in anticipation of my walk down three flights of stairs and into the basement. The lights from the outside came through the windows, so I could see where I was going. As I carried my gym bag, I began to walk down the stairs to the basement.

My heart was pounding faster and faster, and my penis became erect as I walked down the first flight of stairs. My hard cock bounced in the air as I descended the last two flights of stairs, and found myself in the dark basement. As I walked to where I thought the shower room door was, I stroked my penis with one hand as I carried my gym bag in the other. I found the door I was looking for, walked in, and saw a light bulb on the ceiling with a string dangling at its side. So I took my hand off my cock, and pulled the string. A dim light lit the locker room, and I saw the showers over in a corner. I put my gym bag on a wooden bench, that was in the middle of the room, walked over to the small shower room, and turned on one of the faucets. My penis was still erect, and I was light headed from the pounding of my heart. I stroked my penis in a slow, controlled manner, as I positioned my sweaty body under a stream of water that was just the right temperature. I could feel an aching in my balls as the stream of hot water relaxed my muscles. I felt alone and desperate, and closed my eyes as I masturbated more intensely. My hand on my stiff penis never felt so good, as I stroked it faster and harder. I slid my right hand on the shaft of my penis, and massaged its head with my left hand, a practice I had learned felt good when Laura first did it to me. I continued to pull hard on my penis with my right hand, as I alternated between squeezing my penis head and my balls with my left hand. I started to get weak, and leaned against a wall of the shower, as the hot water felt better and better. I masturbated at a feverish pace, and finally started to orgasm. An extreme pressure started to rise from my balls, traveling up my spine and into the back of my head. My eyes closed, and I was dizzy, as I felt the fluid start to rush and push from the end of my dick. I milked my erection harder and harder, as I squeezed my balls with an equal intensity. I was excited and pulsing in the dimly lit shower, and my head was spinning as the last of my semen spurted out of me and onto the floor of the shower. I watched the gobs of heavy white come as they mixed with the shower water and disappeared down the drain. I felt happy and sad at the same time. It was emotional and physical ecstacy. I let the water calm me, as I decided to finish my shower, get dressed, and head home.

Life went on at a normal pace, as we neared the end of the basketball season. I showered in the basement shower room as often as I could, and took full advantage of every chance to relieve myself of tension in the solitude that I found in the quiet isolation of the locker room.

One evening after practice, I put in a particularly hard session of work by myself, and I was tired and getting ready to just change clothes, and go home. As I walked toward the steps that would take me to the stage, I heard footsteps on the gym floor, so I turned around and saw Mary Jo walking toward me. She had not spoken to me since our encounter on the stage with Chris, so I figured that what happened between us was just a one time bout of whatever it was, and then life went on. I stood in surprise and waited for Mary Jo catch up to me. The cheerleaders practiced with us after school that day, and Mary Jo said she was on her way home when she decided to come back and talk to me alone. Mary Jo was tall for her age, and very slender with long black hair and a dark complexion, and seemed to me to be a little more mature, than the other girls, in the sense that I could see roundness and a certain curvature to her body, and a beginning development of a young woman. Mary Jo was like me in that she did not like to socialize much with the other kids, and whenever I saw her in the playground, she was mostly by herself, or with one other girl.

I asked Mary Jo what she wanted, and she told me that she had been thinking a great deal about what happened between us on the stage, and also told me that she stumbled on a picture book about sex in her parents bedroom one day while she was looking for something for her mother. Mary Jo said she looked through the book a number of times, and was fascinated with the positions that the people were in, and that since we already explored each other a little, she thought I would be agreeable to helping her out in her research. I looked at her as we stood there on the gym floor in the dusk, and told her to wait a minute while I went up on the stage and got my gym bag. When I returned with my bag in hand, I took Mary Jo by the hand, and led her through the door that would take us down to the basement and the locker-shower room. We made our way down the three flights of stairs, and when we got down to the basement, I switched on the dim light, and showed Mary Jo the shower room.

I put down my gym bag and asked her what she wanted to do, when without a word, she shyly tilted her head upwards toward me beckoned for me to kiss her. I put my lips on hers, and we started to move our lips slowly as our faces pressed together. My penis started to rise, and I could feel my sudden erection straining against my jockstrap and gym shorts, a sensation that was most uncomfortable. I stopped kissing Mary Jo, and pulled off my shorts and jock at the same time, as my stiff penis bounced in the air. Mary Jo was somewhat surprised, and looked down at my cock, as she asked me if it always got that big and hard. I said that was just the way things were with me, and I started to kiss her again. After a few minutes, I took off my jersey, socks, and sneakers, and I was again naked. I asked Mary Jo is she wanted to join me, and she reluctantly began to remove her clothing. I liked the way her thighs moved against each other as she lifted one of her legs and stepped out of her panties. I made me hotter than I already was, and it looked cute and sexy. Mary Jo eventually removed all her clothes, and revealed a nice little set of budding breasts, with nipples that stood straight out. I looked down at her pubic area, and saw that it looked different, and it seemed a little more developed than it did a few months before when I first looked at her and licked at her on the stage, and I could see some small pubic hairs beginning to grow. Mary Jo told me as we stood there naked that she had learned to masturbate while she read the book she found in her mother=s bedroom, and that as a matter of fact, the book contained an entire chapter on the proper technique for female stimulation and masturbation.

Mary Jo put her right hand down between her legs, parted her thighs, and started to massage an area just inside her budding pussy lips. She sat down on the wooden bench, spread her legs, and gave me a full view of what she was doing. I was fascinated by her rubbing and massaging motions, and by the fact that she had worked a couple fingers of her left hand up inside of her as she continued to massage herself with her right hand. She told me what her clitoris was, and beckoned me to take a look at it. So I got down on my knees for a closer inspection of what was between her legs. I moved my face as close to her as possible, and watched and smiled as she massaged her clitoris with two fingers of her right hand. Mary Jo said the feeling was unbelievable, and that the more she did it to herself, the better it felt. Since my head and face was already between her legs, and about two inches away from her, she suggested that I use my tongue, and lick her clitoris, like she had seen a man in a picture do in her mother=s book. I moved in closer to her, and got a whiff of her young femininity as I put my tongue on her clitoris in place of her fingers. I closed my eyes and inhaled, feeling every stroke of my tongue on her wet and aroused clitoris, I moved my tongue in and out her vagina, and licked her clitoris in alternate motions. I must have been doing something right because Mary Jo pulled my face tight against herself, as she grasped my head with both hands from behind. She pushed herself hard against my face, and moaned slightly, as her hips bucked in an up and down motion, and as she rubbed the back of my head with her fingers in a circular motion that got faster and faster as she neared an orgasm. The insides of her thighs rubbed against my ears as her body did some subtle gyrations. I looked up at her when she had stopped moving, and saw a huge smile on her face, that was flushed red, and soft with an angelic quality.

I had forgotten about my throbbing penis, as I became totally engrossed in and attentive to what Mary Jo wanted me to do. As I continued to look up at her face, Mary Jo told me to stand up in front of her. As I rose to my feet, she grabbed hold of my erect penis with her right hand, and began to stroke it, slowly at first, then a little harder. After a short while, she told me she was going to put my penis in her mouth, like the girl in the book had done to her lover. She seemed to be feeling her way through what she was doing, and ran her tongue over the head of my dick, as she continued her stroking motions on its shaft. Mary Jo opened her mouth, and started to push my penis inside it very slowly. She got two or three inches inside her, before she had to stop. She moved her head in circles with the penis still in her mouth, but seemed to be having some trouble. So she abruptly pulled my dick out her mouth, and said that it was too big, and it was making her choke. I told her it was all right, as I stroked the back of her head, and her long, soft black hair, with my hand.

Mary Jo then told me that she wanted me to put my penis inside her vagina, and that she was ready for intercourse. She told me to sit on the bench, and that she was going to try to do it like the man and woman were doing it in one of the pictures in her mother=s sex book. My penis was bright red in color, as it bobbed up and down and pulsated in anticipation of what was going to happen.

As I sat in the bench, Mary Jo came over to me and as she was obviously feeling her way through this for the first time, she put her hands on my shoulders. After this, she raised one leg over my thigh, where she rested her buttock, as she held onto my neck with both hands, and started to lower her vagina onto my penis. Her other foot was still on the floor, but she was having trouble getting the right angle, so Mary Jo lifted her other leg over my other thigh, and was then able to get her waiting vagina to my penis. She seemed little frustrated that she was having so much trouble, so I told her to relax. I looked down between my legs, and watched as Mary Jo began to lower herself, very slowly, onto the head of my erect prick. She needed help, so I reached down, grabbed my penis shaft, and began to guide my dick up inside her. Between the two of us, we managed to get her vagina situated over the head of my penis, and it started to part her tight, virgin lips and finally move slowly up inside her. I could feel my dick moving into her a little farther, a half and inch at a time, as Mary Jo seemed totally focused on getting this done. Luckily, she was wet enough from her orgasm to allow my penetration, and the feeling I was experiencing was too much for me to handle. I could feel the slippery walls of her insides sliding against my hard shaft, as Mary Joe started to get comfortable with what was happening to her. She began to grip me tighter and tighter, both with her arms and with her body. She was sitting on my lap with my prick stuck up inside her, wiggling and writhing as if she was dancing to the rhythms of a song that I could not hear. Mary Jo had her eyes closed and was moaning and purring with pleasure, as this was the first time she had intercourse. She found my mouth with her lips and started to kiss me. I could not take it anymore, as the sensation that started at my penis and shot up into my brain left me in a state of sensual overload. Her vagina was incredibly tight, and her wiggling made me start to pump my hips and shake in an involuntary state of orgasm. I felt the fluid start to gush out of me, as she bounced up and down on my sperming penis. I let out a moan, and many gusts of breath, as my orgasm continued for what seemed like forever.

Finally, I was finished, but my penis remained hard inside Mary Jo, and she kept grinding away on top of me. I lost all track of time and where I was, and was totally subservient to the wet, hot ten-year-old flesh that had engulfed my rigid ten year old penis. My eyes were closed, and all I could do was feel Mary Jo=s insides, and her arms around my neck. Her breath was hot, as she released it into my face. My body started to rock and pulsate, and I started to orgasm again, after about another five minutes of intense grinding. I could feel my asshole tighten as I gysmed in the waves of a second orgasm. Her vagina had clamped on me like a vice, as Mary Jo continued to do her wiggling dance of intercourse. My movements finally stopped as my penis softened and Mary Jo lifted herself off of me. I suggested that we take a quick shower to clean ourselves off, then get dressed and get home.

We finally left the locker room and headed up the stairs to the exit. The last guy out was supposed to lock the door, and it was usually I. I told Mary Jo that I hoped she enjoyed what we did, and that I would not tell anybody if she did not tell either. We held hands for a minute, then let go and went walking our separate ways to our homes.


The basketball season ended, and I turned my attention to springtime, baseball, and being out doors. I thought about what happened to me over the previous year or two with regards to girls, and I was both confused and happy about it. Being very young, I tried to understand all my sexual experiences as just that, experiences, and I tried to accept these experiences for what they were, hopefully isolated incidents in time that came about due to circumstances and timing. I had accepted the fact that my body was more mature than it should have been for a kid my age, but I still did not have a real understanding of what sex was about, past the fact that I was able to do it, and that girls seemed to be attracted to what I had to offer them, mainly a large penis that got erect and stayed erect, and that I was always a willing subject, or object. Since I was raised and educated in a very religious environment, I was always taught, in a kind of subconscious manner that sex a bad thing, and that I should avoid it at all costs. The nuns at the parochial school never really came out and openly discussed the subject, but severely punished any student wh did anything, or made any reference to anything sexual. I got the impression at a very young age that sex was the one thing in life that was harmful, besides sinning, the devil, and hell. Yet here I was, a young over-developed boy with a real fascination with, and a talent and drive for sex. As far back as I can remember, my whole life has been tied in one way or another to a strong and consistent sexual drive.

My body was sexual, and my mind was sexual, and as circumstances would permit, girls related to that, and felt safe somehow in engaging in all out sexual exploration with me. At first I was afraid, and filled with fear and guilt about what was happening to me. But I knew instinctively that I wanted these physical encounters, and that I liked what was happening to me, because what happened felt good, and even more important than feeling good, because it filled a deep void and emptiness that existed inside me. In fact, as I look back and think about the way things evolved, I feel that I was extremely fortunate and lucky in the sense that my experiences were all positive, and handled in a caring manner. Given the situations that I put myself into, any number of things could have happened to me. But the fates were kind and sent me to partners that were considerate and understanding, and who wanted to relate to me sexually as much as I needed to be related to sexually. I was open, naive, young, uninformed, and totally natural. I went where my instincts took me, and did what my instincts told me to do. I did things by feel, and had a tremendous natural ability to become a part of the reality that I was experiencing, and to adapt instantly to unfamiliar or fearful situations. Life was simple then, and I experienced it simply. That is the easiest way to describe how things happened to me.



When I was fourteen years old, I earned a place on a baseball team that was selected to go to California. We were picked to play against a series of all-star teams comprised of California kids. Being from upstate New York, I looked forward to this experience. The people of our city raised the appropriate funding, and they sent us on our way.

I was picked as one of the team captains, mostly due to my abilities on the field, and that I was one of the more mature kids on the team. We flew from Rochester to Chicago, then on to Los Angeles.

Recollection is a strange quality. I remember this trip in little bits and pieces. Most of what I recall is a series of splintered images, that remain as nothing more that a non-sequential piece of memory.

The highlight of the trip was a game that we were to play in the Los Angeles Coliseum on the Fourth of July. Our opponents were the Acream of the crop@ of Los Angeles area Babe Ruth League players. Most of what I remember is that it was a warm sunny day. We put our uniforms on at our hotel, got in a bus, and headed for the ballpark. It was an afternoon game, and the focal point of the activities scheduled for late afternoon. It was a game that we really wanted to win. There was much hoopla about our trip, and the people back home had an emotional, as well as financial investment in what we were doing. I do not remember how many people were in the stands that day, as most of my focus was on winning the game. The final outcome was a 4-2 victory for our side. The details are unimportant.

After the game, we went to our place of honor in the first row of seats at field level. Art Linkletter was the master of ceremonies that year. At some point during the evening, a gaggle of photographers came over to where we were sitting, to get pictures of the kids from New York. We were sitting with many dignitaries, that included the queens of the parades. One of the girls was called the Afirecracker queen.@ Since I was a team captain, I got my picture taken with Art Linklater and a bunch of other guys who I do not remember. One of the photographers yelled out that he wanted a picture of me with the firecracker queen. I turned around and saw that the Coliseum was now filled to the brim with people. Dusk was fast approaching, as a photographer grabbed me by the arm and moved me over to the queen. He told her to give me a kiss for the picture. She turned her head toward mine, and kissed me on the cheek as the camera bulbs flashed fast and furious, and as my eyes were blinded by the light. Just as suddenly as this barrage started, the queen turned her head toward me again, grabbed my by the back of the neck, and gave me a full kiss on the lips. Another flurry of flashing lights came flying at me.

In a split second, the queen opened her mouth and slid her tongue into my throat. I closed my eyes from the flashing lights, and felt her warm moist mouth against mine, and her slippery tongue doing tricks onside my mouth. The whole thing lasted about five seconds, but five seconds of being deeply french kissed by a stranger in front of one hundred thousand people, as photographers took my picture, seemed like an eternity. Our kiss finally ended amidst a chorus of Aooohs and ahhhs from everyone around us. The queen then held my hand, and smiled for the cameras. I could see her face, through the haze, as she squeezed my hand tightly. She told me her name was Jessica, and asked me where we were staying. Things were moving pretty fast for a fourteen year old kid from upstate New York. In a conditioned response, I told Jessica that we were staying at the Sheraton Wilshire. She smiled, looked at me, and said she would pick me up at eleven o=clock that same evening. Jessica was still holding my hand, and said she would pick me up in front of the hotel. Then she was ushered away by the dignitaries.

The rest of the evening was filled with darkness, bands playing, and a fireworks display that lasted for forty-five minutes. It was finally really dark, as the festivities ended. The stadium lights were on, as I watched the crowd filter away, and listened to Art Linkletter give us a speech about what a great bunch of young men we were before he invited us to a taping session of his television show. I thought about Jessica, and wondered if she was serious about picking me up later that evening. I shrugged my shoulders as I was thinking, and came to the conclusion that the whole thing was a joke. The evening=s festivities finally ended, as we walked out the tunnel at one end of the coliseum, and returned to our bus for the trip back to the hotel.

It was ten-fifteen when I walked into my room. I forgot about Jessica and her offer to pick me up, and was still reeling with energy over the events that we participated in at the coliseum. The other guys were running around from room to room, in an effort to blow off some steam, and celebrating our victory over the Los Angeles All-Stars. I decided to take a shower, then change back into my street clothes. Our chaperones were already drinking whiskey and beer, so I did not think anyone would miss me if I took off for a few hours. I poked my head into the chaperone=s room, and told them I was going to spend the rest of the evening with some relatives. They told me to try to get back early enough to sleep, because we had a game at eleven o=clock the next morning.

A couple of my friends on the team said they wanted to go for a walk on Wilshire Boulevard, and I said I would go with them. It was almost eleven o=clock when we made it into the lobby. Before we went out the front door of the hotel, I told the guys I was just going to hang around in the lobby, then go back upstairs to go to sleep. I watched them go out the front door, as I slipped into a chair. After a few minutes, I found myself standing in front of the hotel. Curiosity had overtaken me. I figured I had nothing to lose if I waited for Jessica, and if she did not show up, no one else knew anything about my meeting her, so I did not risk any embarrassment.

A few cars came by the hotel, and people got in and out of the cars on their way to who knows where. I looked up at the night sky, and at how the height of the hotel seemed to tower over me as it skimmed forward against the dark background, filled with the flickering of lights from the street below. I thought about our victory in the game we played earlier in the day, and felt happy that I had been named Most Valuable Player from the New York side of the street. They gave me a big trophy, and took pictures of me with the MVP from the other team, with Mr. Linkletter standing in between us. I tried to score from second base on a single, and jumped clear over the catcher and landed on home plate. The hometown umpire called me out despite the fact that the catcher never touched me, and a big argument followed. I know I was safe, but it did not matter. The homey umpire was just trying to keep his team in the game, so he had to call me out. Things like that happen when you are the visiting team.

My thoughts returned to where I was standing. I turned my attention to a little red sports car that stopped in front of me. I looked inside the car through the windshield, and saw a woman with dark hair sitting behind the wheel. I did not know what time it was, since I did not have a watch. My own internal sense of time told me it was about ten minutes after eleven. The woman reached over to the passenger side, and opened the door. As I investigated further, I took a better look at her, and saw that it was Jessica, the Firecracker Queen. I walked over to the car, said hello, sat down in the passenger seat, and closed the door.

I felt a little nervous. I glanced over at her. This was the first time that I was able to see what Jessica looked like without all the flash bulbs and distractions. I knew that her hair was long and dark, but I did not realize how soft her features were, and how pretty she was, until I looked at her in the car. I moved my glance down to her legs. She was wearing a par of cut-off jeans, that exposed most of her legs, and that slid tightly between her legs and body as she sat in her seat with her right leg extended to the pedals on the floor of the car. From what I could tell in the light inside the car, her skin was a soft white, and her breasts, looked very round and soft, although I could not really tell because Jessica was wearing a bulky sweatshirt.

Jessica put the car in drive, stepped on the accelerator, and started to drive. The night air felt good, as it raced through the windows and brushed against my face. Jessica asked me a few questions about New York, which I answered as simply as possible. I told her I liked Los Angeles, and was particularly impressed by the pumps at the little oil wells that were thrown all over the place against the landscape.

I felt comfortable with Jessica. She made me feel relaxed as we drove in the car. I did not say too much, just looked around at the sights, and at the darkened landscape that passed outside the window of the car. We left the city on a freeway. I thought back to home, and felt a little nostalgic, wishing I was sleeping back in my own bed. I thought back to my encounters with older girls, and wondered just what Jessica had in mind for the two of us. I was getting curious, and glanced over at her thighs as a flash of light from a street lamp entered the car. Her skin was indeed soft and white, and clean shaven. Her legs looked very smooth, as my blood started to pump a little harder, and my head began to get lighter. Jessica said she was taking me to one of her favorite beaches, where she wanted to relax a little after the hectic day of being a Aqueen,@ and of getting her picture take. I looked at her face as she talked to me, and noticed that her dark hair covered one side of her face, as she kept pushing the hair on the other side back over her ear. I found this gesture of putting her hair behind her ear very arousing for some strange reason, as I shuffled nervously in my seat. I liked the idea of going to a beach. I have always been a solitary beast by nature, and always liked places where I could be alone, and just be myself. Going to a beach in California with a girl who was at least nineteen or twenty years old was like an experience out of Disneyland, although I could not imagine how Disneyland could be any better than this.

We drove in the darkness, before we stopped near a pier. I did not know where I was, and did not particularly care. The place we parked the car seemed isolated, although I did notice a few other cars parked in the area. Jessica got out of the car, and as she stood up, I could see the cut-off jeans she was wearing were pulled very tightly up the cheeks of her rear-end. She pulled her hair back between her head and her ear, as she stepped out of the car. I could hear her foot scraping against some pebbles as she walked around to the back of the car. I opened the passenger side door, got out of the car, and closed the door behind me. I joined Jessica near the trunk. She had already opened it, and handed me a blanket. She also took out a bottle of wine, that she carried herself. The smell of the clean salt air, and the cool, yet warm breeze was very stimulating. The two of us walked side by side through the parking area, before we entered a deeper darkness, where the gravel turned to sand. I could hear the waves of the ocean pounding against a beach, as Jessica reached over to me and took hold of my hand. As my eyes started to adjust to the darker darkness, I could start to make out the tops of waves, and see a few stars up in the sky. Jessica must have been a mind reader. Although she did not say much in terms of words, she knew how to do the right things. I thought back to the kiss that she gave me earlier in the day in front of a hundred thousand people. I could feel her wet, moist lips against my lips, and I could still feel her slippery, firm tongue inside my mouth.

We reached a place on the beach a few yards from the water=s edge. Jessica stopped walking, and told me to open the blanket and spread it on the sand. I did as she asked, then sat down on the blanket. Jessica was still standing next to me, as she fiddled with her wine bottle, and tried to get a corkscrew into the cork that separated her lips from the wine inside. She was finally successful in her quest, then handed me the bottle and asked me to pull out the cork. I did as she asked, then handed the bottle back to her. She took a small sip, then took a very deep breath, which she held inside her lungs, before she exhaled in the darkness. I loved to be alone in the darkness, and loved to take off my clothes, and feel the outside night air against my skin. Being with a beautiful woman was just icing on the cake. I was still only fourteen years old, but I did have much experience of a sexual nature, especially with older girls. Jessica handed me the bottle, and I told her I did not drink. She asked me why, and I told her I was only fourteen years old, and did not feel a need to drink anyway. She kind of laughed to herself, and told me that I appeared much older, and that she could sense a certain maturity about me that she did not see in the other guys. Jessica went on to tell me that the french kiss she gave me at the coliseum was totally spontaneous. I turned my head to the side a little, and said, Aoh?@

Jessica took another drink of wine, then sat down next to me on the blanket. I already took off my shoes and socks, and was feeling the sand between my toes. We sat and talked for a short time, while Jessica drank in between sentences, and while I listened and looked at the water and the stars. I had a sudden urge to strip naked, and undid my belt, then took off my pants, then I took off my underpants. I was already this far along, so I too off my light sweater and shirt as well. It felt so good to be naked again, out in the open, as I felt the ocean breeze scrape against my fully exposed skin. Jessica looked at what I was doing, but she did not seemed surprised, as a matter of fact, I saw her smile a pleased smile, as she laid down on the blanket. She stuck the bottom of her wine bottle in the sand, so it would not fall over, the stretched her arms out above her head and took another long deep breath. By this time, my penis was fully aroused and very rigid. I was still in the sitting position, as my cock pointed straight up between my legs. I felt Jessica=s hand touch my back, then move up to my shoulder as she gave me a slight pulling motion, beckoning me to lay down next to her. I was tense, and resisted her, so she pulled a little harder against my shoulder. I finally laid down next to her. I was on my back, with my cock pointing straight up at the sky. I turned my head to Jessica, and she kissed me again, very lightly. She moved her hand down to my erect penis, and massaged its head with the palm of her hand. Then she started to stroke its shaft very gently. I had never been touched like this before, and could not believe what was happening to me. I loved sex, and I loved being caressed and stroked by a female.

Jessica moved her lips to my lips again, and kissed me, this time a little harder, and a little longer. I was starting to breath deeply, as I opened my eyes and saw the stars above me. I could hear the ocean waves pounding against the beach, as they seemed to pound in unison with my breathing, and with Jessica=s breath as she released it into my mouth for the duration of our kiss. Jessica stopped kissing me and stood up. She reached around her shoulders, and took off her sweatshirt. I could see her silhouetted against the sky, and looked at her undress. She was not wearing a bra, and her breasts were large and looked very firm. As she removed her sweatshirt, her breasts bounced firmly against her ribs. Jessica smiled at me as she began to undo her shorts. She released the button, then pulled down the zipper, parting the opening of the shorts slightly with two fingers. I could see that she was not wearing any underwear, as she began to slide her shorts down over her thighs, before they finally hit the ground. Jessica stepped out of her shorts, as she parted her thighs slightly. She then put her right hand between her legs, and moved it around a little, massaging her privates. Jessica then slid her right hand away from her vagina, and up the front of her body, before stopping at her breasts, which she began to massage. I looked at her face. Her eyes were closed, and she looked like a Jezebel.

Jessica knelt down on the blanket, and straddled my body. Her knees dug into the blanket, and the sand beneath it, as she bent down to kiss me. Her hands braced her upper body, as she placed them on either side of my head. Her lips met mine as her long black hair covered my face in a tent of scented wonderment. She gyrated her vagina against the tip of my rigid penis, and in a skillful motion, slid my penis into her, as I felt her wetness slide along the length of my penis shaft. Her kisses were moist, extremely wet in fact, and her mouth covered my face with saliva. Our lips met again as my mouth opened to accept her tongue, which she thrust into me with the same tempo that she used to slide her vagina up and down my erect penis. Jessica=s hips were moving very fast, as she began to suck on my tongue, moving her head in a wild manner. The harder she sucked on my tongue, the harder she pounded her vagina onto my cock. She banged herself in an up and down motion, bouncing off of me with each thrust downward, as her buttocks banged against my thighs. I closed my eyes, and I could feel her body vibrate, as she released breath after hot breath into my mouth. I could feel her wetness flowing out of her, as it wet me between my legs, and covered my balls. Her knees dug deeper into the sand, as she began to moan. She gripped me so tight with her vagina, that I could feel my penis become a part of her. Jessica came in a wild frenzied orgasm that had her moving her hips so fast that I felt heat around my dick. I felt her female insides spasm as she twitched and moved in ways that are hard to describe.

Without missing a beat, Jessica suddenly pulled herself off me, and moved her head down to my still erect penis. She grabbed my cock shaft in a semi-violent motion, lowered her head, and pushed my cock into her mouth. In the same motion, she turned herself around, and placed her very wet pussy on top of my face. I felt my cock go all the way inside her mouth and into her throat, as she began grinding her vagina on to my face, smothering me in the process, with the pungent odors of her female wetness. Her vagina lips encircled my mouth and nose, as I could vaguely smell the scent of her anus as it mixed with the smell of her femininity. I made a tunnel with my tongue, then inserted it inside her pussy. As I inhaled deeply, I sucked her juices in mouthfuls, savored the taste, then swallowed the silky smooth fluid, feeling the fluids softness coat the lining of my throat. I licked her insides, and lavished in the wet facial bath that flowed from between her legs. The primal smell and taste of her salty fluids that mixed with the salt air that blew in off the ocean=s breeze made this experience a banquet of the senses. I felt Jessica=s mouth sucking feverishly on my penis as her head bobbed up and down, and my erection slid in and out of her throat. The sensations were astounding. The longer we stayed in this position, the tighter Jessica gripped my head with her thighs, and the harder she ground her vagina into my face. Her anus rubbed against my nose as I experienced her in her entirety. I wrapped my arms around her back, and pulled her closer to me, if that was possible.

I felt like I was inside her, as she shuddered in another wave of orgasm. He pussy gripped my face as she pulled my penis deeper into her mouth as her orgasms deepened. I was in love with her ferocity, and with her uninhibited sexual instincts. Jessica was the kind of girl that men only see in dreams. The animal passion that was building between us continued to grow in intensity. I felt myself beginning to come inside her mouth, and finally released a load of semen into her. As I came, Jessica shoved my penis deeper down her gullet. Her long black hair brushed against my stomach as she swallowed all I had to give. I had my open and watched her devour my penis. It was more than I could handle. My orgasm increased into violent spasm, as Jessica=s thighs continued to grip my head tightly between her legs. I thought I was finished for the night, but Jessica kept sucking feverishly on my penis. My erection stayed with me. Jessica finally removed my dick from her mouth, and stroked its shaft hard with one hand as she massaged its head with the other. It was clear that I was not losing any rigidity. Jessica turned herself around, and sat on my lap, sliding her sopping wet vagina over my rigid penis. She dug her feet into the sand as she bucked her hips back and forth, while simultaneously sliding herself up and down my penis. I laid on my back, looked up at the stars, and listened to the waves come into shore. The breeze continued to blow, as I turned my gaze to Jessica, watching her head heave backwards, and feeling every second of her warmth and wetness surrounding my sexuality. I took a deep breath, and relaxed, as sensation filled my body.

After what seemed like an hour of grinding away on top of me, Jessica got off me, and got on her hands and knees. She spread her legs, put her butt up into the air, and told me to mount her from behind. I struggled to my feet, and stroked my dick as I walked around behind her, looking all the while at her soft white skin lit only by the available light of the nighttime sky. This was a new position for me, so I knelt down behind me as I felt my way through the procedure. I could not resist, as I bent down and kissed her anus, then slid my tongue quickly in and out of her vagina. I grabbed my penis by the shaft, and directed it towards her waiting opening. As the head of my dick touched her pussy lips, Jessica leaned back in an instinctive motion, so I moved hard toward her in response. My penis slid swiftly into her, as my thighs banged hard against her bottom. I was not comfortable, so I raised on leg up and balanced myself on my foot. I found that this increased my leverage, and I liked the way it felt as I banged my penis harder and harder into her pussy. I looked down to see my erection sliding in and out her, as Jessica groaned with every stroke. The harder I pushed into her, the harder she told me to keep going. I pushed so hard that I lifted her knees off the ground, then pulled out slightly as I lowered her, then pushed harder back into her, lifting her off the sand again. I finally stopped my pumping, pushed the entire length of my dick up into her, and kept it there, as I moved my mid-section in a circular motion. My penis felt like it was getting harder, as it followed my body movements and wiggled around inside Jessica. Instinctively, I started to pump again, and pushed in and out of Jessica like a piston moving an engine. Jessica met my every movement with an equal intensity. I finally started to feel myself about to orgasm. The closer the moment came, the faster and harder I pushed into her body. I began to sperm, and screamed loudly as I began to shake and shudder, and release a load of seminal fluid that felt larger than the one that Jessica swallowed earlier. My eyes closed as I breathed faster and deeper. I felt Jessica=s vagina tighten around my penis as I orgasmed, and as she lowered her head against the sand, with her butt up in the air. I heard her scream as a stiff breeze began to blow off the ocean. I felt the air blow up between my legs, as Jessica moved her hips faster and faster. Our pace started to slacken. I finally stopped my spasms, and Jessica relaxed her vagina=s grip on my penis. We both relaxed, and laid down on the blanket in a quiet embrace. Jessica curled her body up next to mine, and put her head on my shoulder. I put my arm around her, and pulled her close to me. I kissed her hair, and her head, and took another deep breath. I was not tired, but felt exhilarated.

I thought back to the game in the coliseum, and to the first time I saw Jessica. Slowly, I began to remember that I probably should be getting back to the hotel. The waves of our animal passion began to subside, and when I voiced my concern to Jessica, she agree with me. We got dressed, and started to walk back to her car. Before we left the beach, I stopped, turned around, and looked back out over the ocean. A strong breeze was now blowing in my face, and I closed my eyes, listening to the waves come ashore in a staggering crescendo that mirrored the rhythm of the sex that I just experienced. I did not want to forget.

We drove for twenty minutes, when Jessica decided to stop the car. She pulled off to the side of the road, and parked. I wondered what she was doing. It was three-thirty in the morning. The car radio was playing rock and roll music. Jessica reached down below the seat, and pulled a lever that released her seat, sending it as far backward as it could go. Then she hit the seat back button, and leaned her seat back at about a forty-five degree angle. My first thought was that she was going to go to sleep. Jessica unbuttoned her shorts, and pulled them down over her legs, and eventually over her feet. She threw her shorts in the back seat, spread her legs, and put both her hands between her legs. I watched her with a delightful feeling, as she began to massage her pubic area. Jessica looked at me with a smile on her face, then reached out with her right hand, while telling me to give her my right hand. I turned in my seat slightly to accommodate her request, and extended my hand and arm toward her. Jessica gently took hold of my hand, and guided it down between her legs. Her palm covered the back of my hand, and her fingers covered my fingers. I was nervous and clumsy. Jessica rubbed my hand and told me to relax, and that she would be my guide and show me all I needed to know. I tried to relax, as Jessica put my fingers against her warm moist vagina. I was watching intently, when she told me to close my eyes, and let her do the work, saying that I just go along for the ride. I did as she asked, and felt my fingers rubbing against her wet flesh. She moved my hand in a circular motion at first, putting my fingertips against a part of her that felt like a swollen bump. As we massaged this swollen area together, Jessica began to moan. She moved my hand the way that she would move her own hand, and our fingers danced to the private music that Jessica took with her in her own moments of self-gratification. He legs were spread very wide apart, as we massaged her clitoris. My hand moved in a manner that Jessica wanted it to move, and did the things that she liked to do. She took two of my fingers, and slid them inside her, moving them up and down and around, feeling every centimeter of her warm, wet silky skin. Then she moved my hand down further, to that priovate place between her legs, and rubbed my hand agaisnt her skin, eventually moving one finger up to her anus. She moved my finger in small circles around her opening, before she gradually worked it up into her hole. My finger was moist from her juices, and slid into her easily. She worked my finger in little circles as it remained in her anus. Finally, she pushed my finger all the way up inside her, and wiggled it around. I felt my palm rubbing against the bottom her pussy as she gyrated my finger inside her anus. She then pulled my finger out of her, and took my hand, moving up toward my face. Jessica put my hand in front of my nose, so I inhaled deeply with my eyes closed, and smelled the mixture of scented wonderment that was oozing from between her thighs. She put my fingers back on her clitoris, and started to massage herself in a more serious manner. Jessica put her head back, and closed her eyes. I was watching her every movement, and feeling the rhythms and intricate movements, as she guided me through, and shared with me, the pleasures of her most private moments. I felt her swollen clitoris on my hand, as Jessica continued to rub herself in her private way. She started to breath harder, and finally moaned in a loud, low gasp of breath. My hand was rubbing her feverishly, as she closed her thighs tightly. Jessica moved her hips, and seemed to spasm in a very subtle flinching movement. I could feel my hand against. She her orgasm, as her clitoris seemed to grow. She moved her hips, and rubbed herself harder against my hand. Her orgasm finally stopped, and she let me go. I took my hand away from her, and immediately moved it to my face. I smelled the scent, and put my fingers in my mouth, tasting her femininity yet again. Jessica watched me, and started to laugh. She then put the seat up in the driving position, and without putting her jeans back on, started the engine, and began to drive us back to the hotel.

My penis was still hard and erect from Jessica=s masturbation. I was uncomfortable as I sat in the passenger seat. I was very tired, and decided to unzip my pants and pull out my cock. I released my penis from my pants, and began to masturbate. Jessica looked over at me and started to smile. She held the wheel of the car with one hand, then reached over with the other to help me masturbate. I stroked my shaft, as Jessica massaged the head of my penis, still driving the car at sixty-five miles per hour. I put my left on top of her hand that was still on the head of my dick, and closed tightly around it, bursting in an orgasm. Jessica felt my fluid on the palm of the hand, moved her hand to her mouth, and licked my semen off her palm. I released the remainder of the fluid that was left inside me, as one gob hit the inside of the windshield. I finished coming , and put my dick back inside my pants.

We arrived at the Sheraton Wilshire a few minutes later. Jessica was still naked from the waist down, as she leaned over to me, put her hand around the back of my neck, and kissed me. Her tongue slid into my mouth, as it did when we kissed at the coliseum. She pulled her head away from me, smiled shyly, and said goodnight. I said goodnight to Jessica, and then thanked her for everything. I got out of her car, and walked into the hotel lobby. The clock over the registration desk read four-thirty. I took the elevator to my floor, found my room, put the key in the door, and walked inside. My roommate was snoring as I walked over to my bed, took off my clothes, and laid down.

I took a deep breath, and tried to sleep, but all I could smell was Jessica. Her fluids were all over me. I rubbed my penis with my hand, and then moved my hand to my mouth, where I tasted her all over again, as the wetness from my mouth re-activated the residue of Jessica=s particular femininity. I closed my eyes, and drifted off into a restful sleep.

I was awakened rudely by the wake up call that came in the form of a loud knock on the door. It seemed like just a few minutes had passed since I fell asleep. Sunlight filled the room, as I glanced over at the alarm clock that read seven-thirty. I was filled with a vibrant energy. I jumped out of bed, and ran into the shower as my roommate sat on the edge of his bed and yawned. The hot water felt good as it covered my body. I rubbed my penis and smelled Jessica all over again, as her scent was re-awakened by the water. I lathered my body with soap as I washed away the olfactory memories of the night before. The shower felt good, and affirmed the presence of a new day.

I went to breakfast with the team in the hotel dining room. Most of the guys looked tired. We talked about the festivities of the day before, and wondered what kind of team we would be facing next. We were going to play the Encino Valley All-Stars. One our chaperones came over to my table and asked how my relatives were. He looked hung over from his drinking. I told him my relatives were fine, and that I had a good time. We finished breakfast, and were told to go back to our rooms and get into our uniforms, then we were to meet in a half an hour in front of the hotel.

The bus ride to Encino was a blur. I looked at the scenery, in a quiet solitude, and tried to fall asleep as my head rested against the window. The after effects of the sexual encounter from the night before began to set in, as my body started to feel heavy, and my mind was sluggish. I closed my eyes, felt the bouncing turbulence of road travel jostle me around. I was helpless to do anything, and at the mercy of the forces around me. I drifted off into a sleepful thought, and tried to relate this tired feeling to the sexual energy and adrenalin of the night before. I smiled slightly, as I thought about Jessica and her wild animal passion and lust. An image of her vagina, that began as a small kernel, and grew into a giant screen picture, appeared in my consciousness. The picture of the huge vagina filled my brain, then became superimposed with an image of a naked Jessica with her hand between her legs, as she stood in front of me writhing and smiling. A felling of gentle relaxation engulfed my nervous system, as I felt my penis harden against the hard surface of my protective cup that was inserted in my baseball jockstrap. I put my hand down between my legs, and moved things around until I was comfortable in my seat. I drifted off into a light filled sleep, as the forward motion of the bus carried me along for the ride.

As the motion of the bus stopped, I woke up. We were at a corner intersection, when one of the chaperones said the ball field was just around the corner. I was the starting catcher that day. I got off the bus, walked over to the bull pen area, sat down, put on my spikes, picked up my glove, and started looking for the pitcher. I knelt down and started to catch his warm up pitches. The hot sun felt good. I was still in a daze, but seemed to be reacquiring a little coordination. The game started, and we batted first. The first two guys up got on base. The third place hitter made an out, then I came up and hit a single up the middle with guys on second and third. We scored the first two runs of the game and never looked back. We cruised to a 10-4 victory. I played three innings, got two hits, then sat out the remainder of the game, as our coach let all the substitutes get some action.

As I sat on the bench, I looked up at the sky. The sun was hazy and very hot, and my sweat felt good. A faint whiff of vagina crossed my awareness, as a slight breeze began to blow, kicking up a little dry dirt in the process. I watched the rest of the game, and warmed up a couple of pitchers in the process.

The game ended, we got back on the bus, and headed back to the hotel. The rest of the trip was a blur, except for my vivid memories of Jessica and the beach.



It was the summer of 1970. I was home after dropping out of the University of Pennsylvania, and working at a number of different odd jobs. I was hoping to save enough money to enroll at the local community college. On a visit to the college to obtain some registration information, I ran into an old friend from high school. We talked briefly about old times. During our conversation, my friend informed me that he was spending the summer working, whenever he had some spare time, on a commune type development in the hills a few miles south of the city. He gave me directions, and suggested that I come out and take a look at what they were doing. We shook hands, and parted company.

A few days later, during a lull in employment, I decided to take a ride out to the site of the commune. It was a lazy early August afternoon. The temperature was comfortable, and a slight haze covered the sky, with just a hint of a breeze in the air. It was one of those August afternoons when time just seems to stand still, and life seems to mean little, except for what you see in front of you. It was a quiet day. One of those days when everyone around you seems to take a collective deep breath, as they realize that Labor Day is soon approaching, and summer vacation is nearing its end.

I drove my car south out of town. After twenty minutes, I reached the spot where I believed I would find the entrance to the commune. As I slowed my pace, I saw a car parked off the side of the road under some trees. The car was empty. I got out of my vehicle, and walked around a little, before I found what looked like a footpath through some weeds. The path headed up a steep hillside. I followed the footpath, unsure of what I would find when I finally got to where it was I thought I was going.

I walked through some forest land, and eventually came to the end of the tree line, and headed out into an open field. The long weeds were beginning to dry out, and a fine dust of pollen covered the air. As I walked through the field I could hear the fine humming of bug life whirring around me. The humming of a primal tune common only to the month of August.

I walked for quite a way before coming to a clearing. The grass was somewhat matted down, and there were a few signs of human life having been there. I heard voices coming from the woods on the edge of the clearing, so I walked toward them. I came upon two girls, who were cutting some brush. As I introduced myself and tried to explain how I happened to be there, I recognized one of the girls as a former classmate of mine from parochial elementary school. She introduced herself as Monica,, and I mentioned to her that we went to grade school together. Monica told me that she thought I looked familiar, and remembered who I was as soon as mentioned school. Monica introduced me to her friend, whose name was Jennifer.

The three of us talked for a while, and the girls told me to look around, and make myself at home. After a brief inspection of the premises, I concluded that there was not too much going on, and the place looked like what it was, a small clearing in a field, bordered by some woods.

I suddenly felt tired, and saw what looked to be a soft spot of matted grass a few yards from the main clearing. I wandered over, and felt intoxicated by the softness of the lazy afternoon. The gentle air surrounded me, and the sound of insect life was reaching a deafening crescendo. I knelt on the soft matted grass and looked around at the sky, and felt a gentle presence drifting over me, and laid down on my back. My heart was beating faster, and I started to perspire from the humidity that had gathered in the air. I felt happy and relaxed. As I closed my eyes, I had the urge to take off my clothes, and bathe in the soothing air of this fine afternoon. I stood up, kicked off my shoes, and removed my shirt. I undid my belt, unbuttoned my pants, and slid them down over my legs along with my underwear. Then I reached down, and took off my socks.

As I stood naked, I closed my eyes and put my head back, taking in a series of deep breaths. I stretched my arms, then brought them back over behind my head. I felt good, and alive. I looked around for the girls, who were no place to be seen. I then made a bed from my clothes and laid down. As I closed my eyes again, I felt my penis start to harden. Blood surged through my veins, as I was becoming overwhelmed by the sensory overload that surrounded me. I put my hand down to my penis, and stroked it a few times. I could feel a tension rising in my scrotum, that soon spread up into my balls. My penis was fully rigid and gorged with blood. I felt happy, and as I stroked my penis, it felt good.

My eyes were closed, and as I listened to my heart pounding, and felt my penis bouncing up and down against my stomach, alive with the increased blood flow, I began to drift off into a mild sleep. In my gentle reverie, I was vaguely aware of some rustling in the weeds a slight distance from where I was lying down. I did not pay any attention to it, thinking it was just the breeze. The rustling came closer. I opened my eyes and saw Monica and Jennifer standing side by side looking at me, and smiling. Monica asked me if I was enjoying myself. I assured her that I was quite comfortable and relaxed. I asked the two girls if they wanted to join me. Without saying a word, Jennifer pulled her blouse over her head. She was not wearing a bra, and her breasts, which looked quite firm and perfectly round, bounced a little as she pulled off her shirt. Jennifer=s nipples began to harden as she exposed them to the warm summer air, and sunlight. Jennifer then pulled down her shorts, then underpants, and stepped out of them one foot at a time, rubbing her thighs together in the process. I looked directly at her pubic area, and heard that soft sound of two thighs rubbing together.

As Jennifer undressed, Monica began to tell me that she heard stories about what I did with the cheerleaders, and other girls around town, when we were in parochial school. She asked if the stories were true, and I asked her what she heard. Monica did not go into any detail, but began to pull her shorts down over her knees. As she dropped the shorts on the ground, I noticed that she was not wearing any underpants. Monica pulled her blouse over her shoulders and head, as she spoke again and told me that she never thought she would see me again after eighth grade. She related, as she became naked, that all the other girls in parochial school knew about my sexual exploits, and they all wondered if what they heard was true. Monica then said that she wanted an opportunity to found out for herself, since I was lying naked in front of her with an erection. As she sat on the grass next to me, Monica said that she could already see for herself that at least one part of what she heard was true, as she reached over and put her hand around my rigid penis.

I was laying on the ground, when Jennifer laid down next to me and brought her lips next to mine. I could smell her womanhood as she parted her legs, and began to kiss me slowly and gently. Monica laid down next to me at the same time, and began to kiss the back of my neck while she softly stroked my penis. I put my hand between Jennifer=s legs, and began to rub her vagina, that was very moist, as I turned my head to Monica, and kissed her passionately. I slid my tongue into her mouth, as she did the same to me. We french kissed and sucked on each others tongues as she kept stroking my penis and fondling my balls. Jennifer laid back and began to moan as my hand found its way to her enlarged clitoris. I could feel the clitoris throbbing and massaged her gently, rubbing her in small circles with the ends of two of my fingers. I must have been doing something right, because Jennifer began to pant and buck her hips as she moaned with pleasure.

I looked up at the sun from my position on the ground as I lay between these two girls. Monica was a tall, slender blond, who maintained the same figure that she had in grade school. Jennifer had red hair, with a small waste, slender hips, and perfect breasts. I rubbed my face in Monica=s hair as she laid next to me with her head on my chest. Her hand was still on my penis, although she stopped stroking me.

After Jennifer=s orgasm, she changed positions, and moved her mouth down to my penis. She put her lips around its head, and moved her tongue back and forth over its opening. Monica began to stroke my penis again, as Jennifer put its first three inches into her mouth. I looked down and watched as Monica moved her head down to Jennifer=s, and started to kiss her hair. Jennifer took her head away from my penis, and moved her mouth to Monica, as the two of them began to kiss. They were on their knees, one on each side of me, as they kissed and embraced. I looked at their pubic areas, as their hands extended to each other=s vaginas and as they began to massage each other while they maintained a passionate kiss. Without missing a stroke, the two girls stood up over me, still kissing, and did a small dance while moving one foot each over me, so I laid between their legs as they stood over me. I looked up between Jennifer=s legs, and stared at her vagina lips, and at her finely shaped behind, as she began to lower herself toward me. At the same time, Monica stayed attached to Jennifer at the mouth, and lowered herself down on to my penis.

I watched as Jennifer=s legs spread and her pussy lips parted, and as she lowered her vagina on to my face. At the same time, I felt my penis slide up inside the wetness between Monica=s legs. From my position between Jennifer=s legs, I could see her every part. I looked up at her anus as she gyrated and pressed her vagina on to my face. I stuck my tongue up into her, and began to drink her juices. I felt Monica moving up and down slowly and deliberately with my penis sliding around inside her tight vagina. Her insides pinched and pressed tightly against my erection, as I moved my hips in a circular motion. I could feel Monica begin to move in unison with me. As we moved together, I could hear the sounds of the girls kissing, as they began to moan. I took my tongue away from Jennifer=s vagina, and moved it to her anus. I licked around her opening to moisten it, then I slid my tongue inside her, wiggling it around as I moved it slowly in and out of her. The aromas of her passionate juices mixed with the funky smell and taste of anus. I inhaled deeply, and tasted all of Jennifer=s sexuality.

I could sense that the girls were becoming extremely excited. Monica=s vagina began to tighten as she gripped my penis harder. Jennifer moved her vagina back on to my mouth, and lifted herself off me just enough so I had to extend my tongue to reach her clitoris, which I licked in a slow circular manner. The pearl of her femininity was pink and swollen. I looked at her body in the gentle sunlight, and felt a growing arousal above what I was already feeling. The two girls hugged each other tightly, as I could fell them start to orgasm. I began to feel the point of no return approaching, and pushed my hips upward toward the sky. In the process, my penis sent all the way up inside Monica. I felt my pubic hair against her anus, as she ground and gripped my penis tightly with her vagina. My hips were a foot or so off the ground, as I pushed my penis up harder. I could feel the end of my cock against her insides, as I began to sperm in an intense orgasm. As I unloaded my semen inside her, I could feel Monica reach her own orgasm, at the same time that Jennifer pushed her vagina hard against my face. Jennifer=s juices of passion were flowing freely, filled my mouth and flowed down the cheeks of my face. I swallowed a mouthful of her fluid as she reached another orgasm.

Monica moaned and moved her hips hard against me. Immediately after she had orgasm, she began to have another. My erection stayed rigid inside her, as she held on to Jennifer tightly, and let the sequence of her second consecutive orgasm reach its natural conclusion. Her vagina was incredible tight around my penis as she panted and moaned. At the end of her pleasure, I could see her grab hold of Jennifer=s head and kiss her hard on the ips. I pushed my penis harder up inside Monica, and let her finish.

As our gyrations ended, the two girls got off of me, and laid down next to me. The each put their heads on my chest and shoulders, and rubbed each other with their hands. They exhaled in unison, taking a deep breath. The sun was warm, and the sky was still hazy. I felt some dry grass sticking to one of my arms. My eyes closed, and I drifted off into a quiet sleep.

I had a vivid dream. I was at the foot of the altar as an altar boy. An intense light was shining down on my, not from the ceiling, but from someplace out further in space. This light was warm, and soft, and bathed me in a soft amber color. I watched the priest going about his duties saying Mass. I responded by doing my duties as a Mass server altar boy. The amber light followed me everyplace I went. A deep feeling of comfort and joy filled me, as the light grew in intensity, and as the Mass reached its conclusion. Everyplace else was covered in darkness. Suddenly the light began to fade, and reality began to intrude in the comfort and kindness of my sleep land fantasy.

I started to feel again, and sensed that I was again laying in the field on a soft bed of matted grass. I opened my eyes, and turned my head to the right. Monica and Jennifer were engaged in a sixty-nine position sexual encounter, with Jennifer on top. Jennifer was grinding her vagina into Monica=s face as intensely as she ground it onto my face a while before. I felt Monica=s hand massaging my penis, which had become erect during my sleep. Jennifer had her hands around Monica=s buttocks, as her head lay between Monica=s legs. I could slurping noises as her tongue worked its way in, out, and around Monica=s pussy. The insides of Jennifer=s thighs seemed to tighten around Monica=s face. Jennifer=s hips continued to move in a circular and up and down motion all at the same time. Monica=s hand tightened around the shaft of my penis, as she continued to stroke my shaft.

I could not resist the sight of Jennifer=s small behind as her hips moved in a sexual frenzy, and as her thighs gripped Monica=s face. I got on my knees and shuffled over to position myself behind Jennifer. As I shuffled on my knees, I watched my penis bouncing, seemingly happy, like it sensed where it was about to go. I moved slowly toward Jennifer, and looked down to see Monica=s eyes beneath my penis. My knees were on either side of Monica=s head as she lay on the ground, as she reached up and took hold of my erection. I inched closer to Jennifer, as Monica guided my penis toward Jennifer=s vagina. I saw the tip of my penis start to penetrate Jennifer, and felt her wetness begin to envelop me. As half of my penis entered her, Jennifer let out a moan, and increased the rhythm and energy that she was using on Monica. I moved a little closer to Jennifer as I looked down and watched my penis disappear inside her. My pubic hair beat against her behind, as I moved my hips n a figure eight motion that caused my penis to do the same inside Jennifer. She was incredibly tight and wet. I kept my penis fully inside her, as I continued to gyrate. Monica had moved down a little, and was licking alternately at Jennifer=s clitoris, and at the place where Jennifer and I were joined together. Monica=s hands and arms came up and around Jennifer=s lower back, as she pulled Jennifer down toward her.

Seemingly without a choice, I began to pump my penis in and out of Jennifer. I could smell her womanly aroma as it drifted up to my nose in the still, warm August air. My penis was extremely wet, and covered with the juices of Jennifer=s passion. Monica=s arms pulled tighter around Jennifer=s waist. Monica=s hips then began to move back and forth on the ground, as it was clear that she was having an orgasm. Her thighs and knees moved closer, as she pinched Jennifer=s face between them, moaning a muffled sound from down between my legs, and underneath Jennifer.

As Monica climaxed, I pumped harder. The entire length of my penis, except for the tip continued to beat in and out of Jennifer's vagina. Jennifer met each of my thrusts into her with a backward motion. The cheeks of her behind vibrated and shook as I beat my thighs against her buttocks. Jennifer kept her head buried between Monica's legs. Finally, I could feel every inch of Jennifer=s insides around my penis, which felt hot. I could feel the beginnings of an orgasm, as my thrusting became faster and faster. Jennifer raised her head from its position between Monica=s legs, and put her hands on the ground to support her body. She arched her neck, and began to move her hips faster and faster as she clamped her vagina harder around my penis. Jennifer and I were suddenly engaged in a mutual orgasm, as we clashed with each other, vibrating and gyrating wildly to the rhythm of sexual passion that we established between us. I could feel my fluid start to leave my body, as my spasms reached an uncontrollable level. As Jennifer and I climaxed, I could feel Monica move her mouth and tongue to our union. It was like a separate sensation in a storm of sensory overload. We climaxed together for what seemed like a longer than usual length of time. My head and back shook in a fervor of sublimity, as I lost all control of my muscles. I closed my eyes tightly, as I reached the peak of orgasm, and saw the soft aber light that I saw in my dream a short time earlier.

I did not know where I was, as my orgasm began to fade. I opened my eyes, and saw that Jennifer had finished with her climax, and lowered herself down onto Monica. I pulled my penis out or Jennifer, and stroked it. I loved to feel the wetness of orgasm on the silky smooth skin of my penis. Then I moved my hand to my mouth, and smelled and licked the vestige of a sexual encounter. I closed my eyes as I inhaled the soft mellow scent of Jennifer, as I put the memory of this encounter someplace into the recesses of my mind.

Jennifer and Monica were now laying side by side on the soft, dry grass. I rose to my feet, and started to get dressed. The two girls looked at me and started to laugh. I laughed back at them as I put on my underwear, then my pants. Jennifer spread her legs, and put her hand down between them, parting her vaginal lips with two of her fingers. She then slid her fingers inside her vagina. She had a pretty smile on her face, as she moved her hand to her mouth, and put her two fingers into it. She closed her lips around her fingers, and moved her mouth in a sucking motion.

Monica watched Jennifer with amusement, as she told me everything she heard back in grammar school was true. Monica parted her legs in a relaxed manner, as she sat on the ground, supporting her upper body with her hands flat on the ground behind her, and with her knees up in the air. I looked straight into her vagina, which opened as she spread her legs. The sight of these two girls sitting on the grass out in the open with their legs spread apart was very erotic. The scent of vagina that clung to me was equally intoxicating. I did not want to leave. My penis started to stiffen slightly as I took a deep breath, and continued to shift my gaze back and forth between the two wide open vaginas that in front of me. Almost as if she could sense what I was thinking, Monica asked me if I could stay for a while longer and play a little game with them.

As I shrugged my shoulders in an AI don=t know@ kind of way, Monica crawled over to me on her knees, and unzipped my pants. In a single gesture, she pulled my pants and underwear down my legs, and took my half-erect penis in her right hand. She backed up crawling, leading me along with her, holding my penis as if it were a leash. I stepped out of my pants, and followed. I asked what the game was about. Jennifer told me that the two of them were going to take turns doing whatever they wanted to do to me, in an effort to see which one of them could make me come in orgasm. This game sounded interesting sounded interesting. Before I could reply, Monica put the head of penis in her mouth, and began to do circles on it with her tongue, as she sucked on it at the same time.

Jennifer stood up and walked behind me. She started to rub the front of her body against my back, as she worked her way up and down, kissing my skin along the way. I reached back to take hold of her. Jennifer then hit me on the rear end, and said that I could not use my hands in any way, unless they ordered me to use them, and that I could only be a willing recipient of what they were going to do to me. I stood quietly as Monica put more of my now fully erect penis into her mouth, and as Jennifer started to kiss and lick the insides of my thighs. Jennifer=s head was now between my legs. I could feel her wet tongue start to lick my balls, as she ran her hands up and down my legs, creating a little friction in the process.

I looked up at the sky. The haze still hung in the air, as a slight breeze began to move the tree tops. I watched some birds fly by, and wondered what they thought as they looked down at these three people naked, out in the open, in the middled of a clearing in the woods. Monica took my penis out of her mouth. As she did this, I looked down to see saliva cling to it, and stretch in the distance as she moved her head away from my body. She looked intense, and totally involved in what she was doing. It felt good to be standing in the warm air out in the open with a full erection. Jennifer pushed her head up between my legs, and licked the spot between my balls and my anus, but only for a second.

Monica told me to extend my arms slightly. I did as she asked as she moved toward me and raised one of her legs up toward my hip. She told me to take hold of her butt cheeks, and hold he in the air as she wrapped her legs around my waist, and sat down on my penis. I figured this would be easy, since Monica was slight in stature, and since my penis was standing straight up in the air. I put the palms of my hands around Monica=s butt, and pulled her off the ground. At the same time, she put her arms around my neck, and pulled herself up in the air. I looked down at my penis, and lifted Monica up high enough so that her opening was positioned directly over it. Monica started to slid her vagina down over my erection, until its entire length was inside her. I pulled her close to me, as she began to gyrate. Her legs were wrapped around my waist, and her arms were around my shoulders, as I continued to hold her butt cheeks in the palms of my hands. I moved one of my fingers around, and did little circles with it around Monica=s anus. She wiggled and gyrated with my entire penis still inside her. Her pubic area was pressed against my pubic area, as her wet insides enveloped me, and squished around on top of me.

As Monica and I continued our union, Jennifer moved to where I could see her, and laid on her back on the grass. Jennifer spread her legs, and put both hands down between them. The fine red hair on her pubis glistened in the fading sunlight, that was filtered through the afternoon haze. Jennifer began to masturbate. Her eyes were glued to mine as she began her routine. She parted her vagina lips with one hand, and did circles on and around her clitoris with the other. As she massaged her clitoris, she took two fingers of her other hand and skillfully slid them in and out of her vaginal opening. After a minute or two, she took her fingers out of her body, and put them in her mouth, as she licked them clean. Jennifer=s eyes never left my gaze as she continued to work on her clitoris with the same hand. She took the and that was in her mouth, and put it back between her legs, then moved it down to her anus. Jennifer then put the moist tip of her middle finger inside her anal opening, and moved it around a little. As she did this, Jennifer began to rub harder and faster with the hand that was massaging her clitoris. She took her other hand away from her anus, and began to rub it up and down her vaginal lips. As Jennifer massaged herself with both hands, her mouth opened and she took a deep breath. He legs began to shudder in a quaking motion, as she tightened her thighs around her hands. She began to orgasm, as her eyes stared directly into mine.

As Jennifer had her orgasm, Monica let go of my neck, and leaned back. Her legs held her around my waist, as I supported her with my hand still around her butt cheeks. She began to grip me tighter with the insides of her thighs. This in turn strengthened the grip of her already tight vagina around my penis. He head flew back, and her arm went over her head as her fingertips almost touched the ground. I squeezed tightly around her butt cheeks, and pulled her closer to me, moving her ass in circles and gyrating her tightly around my penis. The feeling of her hot, wet vagina s it clamped around my penis was sensational. Coupled with the fact that Jennifer was sitting directly in front of having an orgasm as a result of a furious masturbation, as she starred directly into my eyes without a blink, it was almost too much for me to take. But I refused to orgasm.

Monica grabbed hold of my shoulders again, and told me to put her down. I reluctantly lifted her off my penis, and put her down as her feet touched the ground. Monica told me to lay flat on my back. I complied, as Jennifer got up and moved over to me. Jennifer then sat down on top of my penis, and lowered herself slowly down along its length. She lifted herself slowly up and down, as her insides moved slickly against my penis= skin. Jennifer kept up her movements as my penis slid in and out of her vagina. After a few minutes, Jennifer got off of me, and Monica took her place, repeating the same movements. As her thrusts increased in intensity, the sensation on the tip of my penis was too much to bear. I began to orgasm. My hips thrust up toward the sky, and I pushed my penis as far into Monica as it would go. Sperm gushed out of me, as I closed my eyes, and held my breath. I began to spasm, as my hips shook uncontrollably. I was finally finished.

Monica got off me. The two girls grabbed their clothes, and ran off into the woods. I watched their butt cheeks bounce as they ran. I wondered why they left so quickly, as they vanished into the forest. I laid on the grass for a while, then stood up, and put on my clothes. As I walked slowly toward my car, I turned my head to look for the girls, but I could not find them. Finally, I reached my car, got into the driver=s seat, started the ignition and drove away.

The afternoon was starting to vanish into the early evening. As I drove, the highway curved in front of em, and I wondered what happened to Monica and Jennifer. I took a few deep breaths as I pondered what I just did with the two girls, and started to smile as a leftover sensation of orgasm sputtered through my nervous system. My penis was still half- erect. The breeze created by driving sixty miles an hour rushed through the windows of the car, and had a soothing effect on me brain. My thoughts began to clear, as they haze of three hours of intense sexual pleasure began to dissipate. I started to think about what I was going to do with the rest of my life. I dropped out of one college, and was enrolled in another for the fall semester. It all seemed like such a waste. School never interested me, and seemed quite contrived compared to the spontaneous combustion of my sex life, that just seemed to fit with and flow with the natural course of events as they pertained to my reality.

But I did not know what else to do. College was an acceptable way to pass some time, and the thought occurred to me that there was a small possibility that I might learn something. I saw the outskirts of the city. The memory of Monica and Jennifer seemed a million miles away.



It was the summer of 1968. The temperature was nearing ninety degrees, and the excessive moisture in the air told me that a thunderstorm was a real possibility. I just finished eating a late breakfast at my favorite diner, and was getting ready to go back home. I decided to take the day off from my painting, and I really did not have anything special planned, except maybe take a walk in the park, or there were always bleacher seats available for a baseball game. It really did not matter, since it was really hot and still early in the day.

I come into this same diner everyday. Like everyone else that is alive on earth today, I am a creature of habit. The diner is air-conditioned, and I did not feel like moving because it was so cool inside, and I did not feel like going outside into the heat and humidity of this stereotypical summer day. Joanne was my waitress today, and as she walked over to my table, I noticed something different about her. Joanne was not her usual talkative self and seemed kind of distracted by something. Countless times in the past, Joanne would walk over to my table, take my order, then after I finished eating, she would ask me if I wanted another cup of coffee before I left the diner, and I never thought anything of it, except today, she seemed to have an entirely different feel about her Joanne was a blonde who stood about five feet ten inches tall with a generous sized set of tits, and really nice legs that looked very long and firm. Her thighs looked to be very firm and supple, and just the right size, at least as far as I could tell from what I could see of her underneath her waitress uniform.

I would sit in the diner at times and let my mind wander, as Joanne walked back and forth doing her duties, and wonder what it would be like to nuzzle my face softly against her silky smooth legs, kissing her and rubbing my face against her flesh constantly, as I worked my way down one leg, stopping to massage her feet and toes, kissing every one of her toes a dozen times, then working my way back up the other leg, as I reached the other thigh, working my face and tongue slowly and rhythmically as I felt and tasted every inch of her luscious flesh along the way. Then I would linger on that thigh for a while, before moving over to the other thigh, before slowly positioning my head between her legs for my journey up the curvaceous insides of her inner thighs, eventually stopping for a couple hours with my face between her legs, as I first nudged her sopping wet cunt lips with my face, before diving in fully as I licked and drank all of her juices, feeling her pubic hairs against my face as the vapors of passion filled my nostrils, and as I worked my tongue further into her moistness, while rubbing my nose and forehead against her reddened, throbbing clitoris. My tongue would find its way down to the soft, tender, private area between her legs, where her pussy ends and her asshole begins, and I would lick softly the dripping juices that covered her skin, then I would swallow them slowly with deep breaths, as every drop of her womanly fluids slid slowly down my throat.

But like I said, this was just a fantasy, and reality has a way of interjecting itself into a dream just when you least expect it. Like always, Joanne came over with a pot of coffee in her hands, and asked me if I wanted a refill. I nodded in the affirmative, then slowly looked up at her face to say thank you. As our eyes met, I could see a smile on Joanne=s face, and noticed her legs shift subtly as the I could heard the insides of her thighs rub gently against each other, sending the sound of nylon stockings touching and rubbing against each other, to my ears. Joanne poured my coffee, and as she looked away shyly, asked me if I would wait for her until she finished work, as her shift was ending in about ten minutes. I thought about it for a second or two, and in the time it took her to finish filling my coffee cup, I decided I would wait for her. As Joanne tilted her head to one side and raised her shoulder coyly waiting for an answer, I told her Ayes.@

As I lowered my eyes to my table, I saw in a fleeting glance that Joanne=s nipples were standing straight out pushing two small dots against her fairly tight fitting blouse, and that her breasts seemed to be straining slightly, and looked firmer than usual, compared to her normal posture. I smiled slowly as I looked into the coffee inside the cup I was holding in my hand, and turned my head in a pleased manner to one side, gesturing to myself that I was happy with my decision to wait for Joanne.

It was noon when Joanne walked over to the table where I was sitting, with her purse in one hand, and a small bag thrown over her right shoulder. She had changed clothes, and was now wearing a pair of tight fitting blue jeans, and a halter top, that pushed her larger than average breasts up into the air, and let them bounce as she walked. Joanne said she was ready to leave. As we walked out the front door of the diner, the hot afternoon air hit me right in the face, slapping me with the reality of summertime. Joanne squinted as the sunlight met her eyes, and reached into her purse for a pair of sunglasses that she promptly put on her face. She suggested that we walk over to her place, and relax a little, saying that maybe we could watch a little television or listen to some music. I agreed, and felt a twinge in my pants as my penis started stretch its way down my leg.

After we walked a short distance, Joanne was covered with a pure layer of sweat that made her skin glisten. I was also sweating, and was ready for any action that I was hoping would come my way. Joanne had a way of being shy, yet very open about what it was she wanted, but in a subtle kind of way. I noticed my shoe was untied, and as I bent down to tie the shoelace, Joanne walked out in front of me. As I looked up quickly, I could see the beautiful shape of Joanne=s ass, and the tight jeans pulled nicely between her cheeks. Her body moved in a graceful manner, and her ass cheeks seemed to sway slightly as she took one step after another. I envisioned her light colored bush of pubic hair, and how wet her pussy must have become just from the heat and sweat of this new afternoon. All in an instant I could see the moisture as it rolled down her skin and covered her body, and imagined how nice it would feel to rub my face on her body, and lick the moisture from her skin. I quickly tied my shoe, and walked a little quicker in an effort to catch up to her. The temperature had to be nearing ninety-five degrees, and my blood was flowing freely . We had another block or two to get to Joanne=s house, and I could not get there soon enough.

We turned another corner, and finally arrived at Joanne=s front door. She put the key in the lock, and let us in. Joanne=s house was average in size, and tastefully decorated with an eclectic blend of furniture that looked as though it took a few years to accumulate. She told me to make myself at home, and said she was going to check her answering machine for messages, and that she would be back with me in a couple minutes. I heard the answering machine click on, and heard a couple different voices speaking in a monotone, and I heard Joanne shuffle some papers as the final few beeps of the answering machine signaled that the messages were at an end. I sat on the sofa, with a window close behind me, and could feel a small zephyr of a breeze hit me right in the back of the neck.

Joanne eventually came out of the kitchen holding a couple glasses of cold lemonade, and handed one of them to me. She rubbed the cool glass in her hand, that was filled with ice and fluid, on her forehead, then she rubbed it on her neck and shoulders, as she moved her way down to her tits, closing her eyes as the cold glass in her hand moved a little further down her body, and brushed against her stomach. Joanne did not say too much, and sat down next to me on the sofa, taking small sips of lemonade in the silence and the heat. A ceiling fan swirled round and round, moving the humid air just enough to make me feel that there was some hope of things cooling off a little. There were no lights on in the house, as the two of us sipped our beverage. I could smell the sweet scent of her slightly perfumed body as the fan continued to move in its circle.

Joanne asked me a couple things about myself, made a little small talk, then excused her self and went back into the kitchen. I closed my eyes and leaned back on the sofa, took a few deep breaths, and tried to relax in this stifling heat. I heard Joanne=s footsteps coming toward me, and sensed that she was now back in the room. When I opened my eyes and looked at her, she had taken off all her clothes and was standing silent and naked in front of me. She was a tall vision of blonde hair and soft skin that looked smooth in the dim light of the living room. The front of my pants started to tighten, as my penis began to grow and my blood began to surge with excitement. Without saying a word, Joanne knelt down between my legs, unzipped my jeans, and released my now full sized, pulsating, hardened penis.

She stroked my penis up and down, in a soft, gentle manner, then lowered her lips down to the head of my cock, settling her body comfortably on the floor. I stroked her hair as her lips gently moved around the tip of my prick, and her tongue made circles around its head, while at the same time she undid my belt, unbuttoned my pants, and slid them off me, letting go of my cock with her lips just long enough for my pants to slide down over it. I was now naked also, and my cock was further into Joanne=s mouth. Her eyes were closed as she pushed her head and mouth down further, taking all of dick inside her, and sliding it up and down inside her throat. I stroked her air and looked down at her, moaning every now and then at the unbelievable sensations that I was experiencing. I could see that Joanne=s right hand had moved to her pussy, and that she was now massaging her clitoris, making little circles with her fingers, while occasionally pushing one of her fingers into her vagina. I could smell the vapors of her pussy rising into the air, as she gyrated her head round and round with my dick still in her mouth. We were both covered with sweat, and I moaned even louder as our bodies started to slide, grind, and push against each other.

Joanne suddenly snapped her head away from my dick, making a popping like sound as the suction that she created while sucking on it was broken. I was immersed in total sensation, as my nostrils and brain were filled with the scent of aroused cunt, and my dick was tingling, and on the verge of exploding. Joanne stood up, slowly, grabbed my head, moved toward me, and pushed my face into her pubic hair, then pushed my face between her legs. She pulled me toward her, laid down on the floor, and spread her legs wide open. Her pussy was sopping wet, and her cunt lips gyrated and rubbed together as she grabbed my head again and pushed it into her snatch. I licked and drank from the fountain between her legs that was running hot and free. Her clitoris was hard and swollen and easy to find, and I began to work on it ever so softly, making small circles, then licking her up and down as her hips began to buck. Joanne grabbed the back of my head, and held it tightly, keeping my mouth and face attached to her pussy as she moved up and down and bucked like a bronco. The faster I licked the faster she moved. My mouth and tongue moved in unison with her pussy lips and her clitoris, as she moaned and panted faster and faster. My dick was still hard, and rubbing against one of her calves. Joanne was starting to cum wildly, one time after another, and I could feel the ripples of her orgasms on my tongue as it never missed a beat. My face was covered with her juices, and the insides of her thighs were sweet and wet as they rubbed against my head. I stroked my cock as Joanne came and came again.

I took my head away from her pussy, moved back, and mounted her as she lay on the floor with her legs spread wide and her vagina waiting and also wide open, then slid my dick deep inside her. She moved faster and faster as she bucked and grinded her hips into me, squeezing her vagina against my still hard cock, as I slid it in and out of her in long rhythmic strokes. Then Joanne grabbed my head , and started kissing me, sliding her tongue into my mouth without hesitation. I reciprocated and slid my tongue into her mouth, and our tongues played with each other while our bodies, still joined together in a passionate, animal embrace, vibrated and gyrated to the rhythms that we were creating. Finally I felt the point of no return getting closer, and I began my journey into the spastic gysm of consciousness. My balls tightened, and the tension that had built in the place between my legs released itself in a furious spasm of fluid that raged inside Joanne=s vagina. I could feel the wet, warm sides of her insides sliding against and gripping onto my penis, as she milked me from within, draining me of every drop of cum that could flow out of me. I came in a torrent, in a blizzard of uninhibited energy, as Joanne began to spasm, pump, and gyrate in a dimension that was all her own. I came and came, while Joanne tightened the walls of her vagina in yet another all out climax, all the while sucking on my tongue that was still inside her mouth.

Finally our fury subsided, as my cock, still hard within her and much to my surprise, started to feel a gorging rush of renewed energy. I could not and did not want to take it out of her. The head of my dick swelled, and feeling again the warmth of her insides, seemed to take on a life all of its own. My consciousness was focused in my penis, and I could almost see, out the hole at its end, a thrilling light of passionate delights that was appearing in front of me inside her vagina. I started to pump and grind with a purpose that was not of my volition. Joanne never missed a beat, and began her own grinding in unison with mine. Our bodies were soaked with sweat and the juices of love. I could feel my cock like I never felt it before, in the grips and throes of a passionate embrace that was totally unfamiliar to me. I thought in all my glory that this must be the way a wild animal feels when the instinct to rut comes over it.

I raised my back, and took Joanne=s legs and threw them over my shoulders with my dick still inside her. She threw her head back, as I grabbed onto the sides of her ass, and pushed and ground them tighter against the throbbing presence of my raging cock inside her. I was there again, inside the space of my dick, focused totally on the present, moving with Joanne in dance that seemed to have no end.

I moved so that I was on my knees and Joanne=s buttocks were pressed against the front of my body, pressing against me as I moved closer to her with a series of quick paced thrusts that shook her tits wildly as my balls slapped against her ass. Joanne=s head was back with her eyes closed, and her face betrayed a look of serene resignation. I kept thrusting up inside her as her flesh shook with the energy that I was pounding into her. Finally, I laid down on top of her and our bodies were parallel, keeping the full length of my penis quietly deep inside her. Joanne took the initiative, and began to roll us over so that she was now laying on top of me, as she began once again to kiss me deeply and passionately.

It is an amazing thing that happens when two bodies collide and interact in such an intimate manner for such a long length of time. Both bodies start to move instinctively toward and with each other, as the intermingling of flesh and spirit takes on a wonderful new dimension. Our bodies, spirits, and energies had been connected for a while now, and things only seemed to be getting better.

Joanne was now on top of me, as I laid quietly on my back, with my dick sticking straight up inside her. She wiggled a little to get comfortable with its entire length in this new position, then in a quick motion, raised her legs out parallel with the floor, then she swivelled around so that her front was facing my feet, and all I could see was her back.. She moved her feet underneath her and slowly raised her body so that I could feel the insides of her pussy slide up the rigid shaft of my penis. She stopped her upward movement just as she reached the head of my dick, and started moving her hips in small circles, massaging the head of dick with her pussy lips. It was almost like a vaginal blow job. Then, in one long drop, Joanne lowered herself all the way down again, so that she was sitting on my entire penis, tilted her self forward so that she was holding onto my legs, then she began a series of quick movements up and down, raising and lowering herself on my cock, so that I had a good view of it from behind her, sliding in and out of her sopping wet cunt. Her little asshole was wide open as my dick disappeared, then reappeared again, covered with the wetness of her insides.

After what seemed like a long time of steady pumping, Joanne, still leaning forward, unexpectedly raised herself off my dick, and pushed herself backwards, and lowered her pussy on to my face, smothering me in an aromatic vacuum of woman=s juices, sweat, and my own cum. At the same time she started her end of this sixty-nine position, she grabbed my cock with her right hand, and put it between her lips, sliding the full length of the shaft into her mouth and down her throat. I could feel her tongue moving slightly, trapped against the mass of my penis, and I could feel my dick head in her throat, as she moved her head in little circles, transferring every movement to the nerve endings in my pleasure filled dick. While she worked on my cock, she continued to grind and rub her wide open pussy into my face. My nose went into her asshole, as I furiously licked, drank, and swallowed every drop of fluid that came out of her. She was a river of pleasure, and the intoxicating smells between her legs made the excitement grow in intensity. She settled her clitoris on my tongue, and started moving her hips in a manner that clearly made her feel good, so I followed her lead, letting her control the movement, as her swollen clitoris slid around my tongue. She worked feverishly on my cock at the same time.

Our movements quickened, and I could feel her vagina start to tense little, as the crescendo of our sexual symphony was rapidly reaching its peak. Joanne started to orgasm, as her thighs tightened against the sides of my head, and her vagina tightly clamped and gripped my face as she bucked wildly. I was lost in the darkness of her cunt, and existed only as sensation and feeling, caught and drifting in the vapors of the reality that surrounded me. With the entire length of my cock in her mouth, I started to feel my own orgasm, as the first spasms of twitching released the beginning of another large load of fluid into her throat. Joanne moved her head slightly, and swallowed every drop of what I gave her, while at the same time taking a series of orgasms for herself. I had lost all track of time, as a deep and profound pleasure had blanketed me, and taken me someplace that I had never been before.

Our mutual sexual rampage finally subsided, and my dick finally started to shrink a little, after what seemed like an eternity of being rigid and strong. Joanne, spent from her efforts, removed my cock from her mouth, put her head on my thigh, and lowered her pelvis and pussy in a relaxed fashion onto my face again. I licked her slowly in the wake of a post-orgasmic pleasure, and took every drop of fluid that I could get from her onto my tongue and down my throat, savoring the softness of the fluid=s texture, and feeling each droplet slide into my being. Whenever I touched her clitoris with my tongue, Joanne would moan and flinch quickly, in a small residual moment of passion and desire. Finally I just laid flat and silent with my eyes closed, with Joanne still laying on top of me in a sixty-nine position. My hands were resting on the small of her back, and I rubbed her sweat soaked skin softly and tenderly, as she began to show a few signs of life.

The madness of our sexual frenzy began to wear off, and as our senses started to return to normal, Joanne and I started to feel a little uncomfortable in this sweat soaked reality. The ceiling fan was still turning, as a couple hours of being lost in the unconsciousness of sexual gratification took our minds off the intense heat of that summer day. My head was clouded, and I felt uncomfortable. Joanne eventually moved off of me, and I sat up, rubbing me eyes and face with my hands, and still smelling and feeling Joanne=s juices with my every movement. I was lost in her pleasure, and wanted more. The best I could do at that time was take Joanne by the hand, and walk into the shower in a good sized bathroom. My cock was hanging low between my legs, although there was still a hint of tension in my scrotum, as I felt this tension extend into the muscle of my dick. I turned on the water in the shower, adjusted the temperature, and stepped in, feeling the sobering effects of the slightly cooler than normal water as it covered my skin, washing away the after effects of all this sex, and tingling my nerve endings with a renewed sense of physical well-being.

Joanne stepped into the shower next to me, and planted one of the most luscious, deep, gentle, and passionate kisses, that I had ever experienced, on and in my mouth. Her tongue continued to probe me, and her saliva covered my own tongue as her tongue slid in and out of my mouth. That small tension that was left between my legs began to grow, as our passionate, yet sensitive and tender embrace continued. I could feel my penis as it began to rise and stiffen again, and could not believe what was happening to me. Joanne was a sexual being with a sensitivity that transcended the purely physical, and obvious talent she had for giving and taking pleasure. She was soothing to my entire being. As we continued to kiss, Joanne turned a knob and raised the temperature of the water slightly, and I could feel her body pressing anxiously and hungrily against mine. The water from the shower lubricated our skin, and allowed us to work together easily, sliding up and down against each other while we held our kiss together.

I was lost again in the madness between us. My dick stiffened again, and this time it felt harder and longer than before. Joanne rubbed her hand up and down its shaft, and stopped kissing me just long enough to go down again and suck hard on my prick head. After a minute or two, Joanne grabbed onto my shoulders, wrapped her arms around my neck, and hoisted herself up onto me, lowering her pussy onto my penis, while taking its entire length inside her once again. Joanne was now in charge, and I just stood there and let her orchestrate this renewed session of sexual excitement. She wrapped her thighs around my waist and hips, and held on to my neck tightly with her arms, while pumping on and off my raging cock in up and down movements that she accomplished by pulling with her arms, and pushing with her thighs. Joanne was out of control and totally wild, as she continued to grind every drop of pleasure out of me that she could get. I stood hard and leaned my head against the back of the shower stall to maintain a little balance. My eyes were closed, and I could feel the water striking me, then rolling down my skin. I gyrated as Joanne gyrated, a prisoner to her every movement. My hips moved unison with hers, as she threw her head back, and began to shake, shudder, and scream. She was letting loose with wave after wave of orgasm, as one piled and let loose on top of the next. I stood my ground and held on for dear life, as her cunt gripped my throbbing dick in pure animal fury. After she came for what seemed like an eternity, I started to feel her relax, though I had not yet experienced my own climax. I began to take control, and started to ram my penis up inside Joanne=s relaxed body. I pumped and pumped as she moaned and screamed and held on to my body. The warm water from the shower continued to fall on us, as I could feel myself getting closer to the point of no return. I pushed up inside her harder, and felt her wetness clamp around my cock again. It was more than I could handle, and I started to cum with a madness that transcended anything that happened before. My dick pushed further up inside her, and I felt the first load of fluid leave my body as it flowed through the hole at the end of my penis. My seminal fluid came out of me in long waves of spastic delight, as I shook in what felt like agony for the longest time. This was the purest form of delight, and I could not get enough of it.

Joanne lowered herself off of me, as she carefully unwrapped her legs from around my hips. We finished our shower, toweled off, then retired to the bedroom, still naked, to lay on her bed and rest for a while. It was nearing four o=clock, and suddenly I was very tired. I asked Joanne how she felt after this rousing display of sexual gratification, and she told me that she too was tired, but she felt great about what just happened between us. The hot afternoon air was starting to become a little less stifling, as thunder began to rumble off in the distance and the sky began to darken as clouds took over the sky. We laid in bed and talked about many things, before we both drifted off to sleep.



As a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania, I played on the football team. It was late fall, and our season just finished. I went to Penn prepared to study and play football. The summer before was filled with strict discipline and conditioning exercises. There wasn=t much time to socialize.

Football seasons are extremely physical. Both taxing and frustrating. I usually gave it all I had, and was tired at the end of the day. I had not had a real date in a long time. Though I met a few girls at frat parties and all that bullshit stuff. It was something to do on a Saturday night.

I met Belle at one of these parties. We went out a couple times, with little or no action. Since the season was over, I decided it was time to relax a little. I needed a little tenderness after a season full of physical pounding. The frustration of extreme physical exertion also took its toll on my well being.

I lived in a room in one of the dormitories with three other guys. There wasn=t much privacy. I was last to arrive in the late summer, so I got one of the beds in the main room. One of my friends on the football team decided to go home for this particular weekend, so I asked him if I could use his room. He had a single on the other side of the quadrangle. After dinner on Friday night I headed over to his room.

I called Belle, and asked her if she wanted to come over. I had a lot of stored up energy, both sexual and otherwise, and needed an outlet. Belle agreed to meet me. I got inside the room at about six o=clock, and immediately stripped naked. I sat in a chair for a minute or two in the darkness, and looked out the window. It didn=t take long for me to get a rock hard erection. I could feel my juices flowing, surging within my body. My hard on pulsated with every heart beat. I looked down between my legs. I began to stroke my penis.

With my cock in hand, I walked over to the bed and laid down on my back. It felt good to be able to freely caress myself, and rub my genitals. I ran my palm over the head of my penis, massaging it up and down, until I felt a shudder in my brain. I came, spurting come all over my chest. It felt good to be alone. It felt good to masturbate, and to feel a little outlet. It had been a long time since I was able to do this.

My hard on stayed right where it was. My orgasm did nothing to diminish its intensity. I continued to rub my dick with a renewed intensity. It just felt better and better as I moved my hips to the rhythms of the feeling that was emanating from deep inside me. The darkness enhanced the experience as I began to get lost in the feeling of sexual pleasure.

I don=t know how much time had passed. I heard a knock on the door. Belle asked me if I was in the room. I switched on the nightlight by the bed, and told her to come in. I didn=t even bother to cover up. I was laying full naked with a raging hard on. My head was on the pillow when Belle opened the door. I figured I would take a shot. I knew her pretty well, and we had made out a few times.

Belle looked at me and smile. She never broke stride as she said hello. AI won=t bother to ask how you are doing,@ she said. She slipped her purse off her shoulder, and hung in on the chair. Belle came over to me and sat on the bed. She parted her lips slightly, and gave me a sly little kiss on the lips. I closed my eyes and laid back on the pillow.

I heard her rustling a little, and opened my eyes to see Belle taking off her clothes. She was a tall, slim blond, with a woman=s hips, and firm tiny breasts. I looked at her pubic hair as she removed her panties standing right in front of me. It was a blond as the hair on her head. Belle sat on the bed, and moved herself next to me. I could feel the warmth of her skin as she began to get closer. She put her hand on the shaft of my prick, and began to feel it, moving her hand up and down and over the head. The clear fluid began to ooze from my erect penis, and I could feel her hand slide over it.

Belle laid down and began to kiss me, keeping her hand on my prick. Her lips parted, and she put her tongue in my mouth. Our tongues intermingled. I put my hand on her pussy. As I slid my fingers between her legs, Belle parted her thighs, and let me part her pussy lips. She was wet and warm, and I massaged her snatch. I moved my wet hand to my mouth and licked her juices. My eyes were closed, and I was lost in the feeling of a deep sexual hunger.

I moved my mouth to Belle=s breasts, and caressed her nipples with my lips. I licked her nipples, and kissed her breasts all over. I opened my eyes, to see Belle=s face. Her eyes were closed, and she was breathing deeply. I followed the scent of her womanhood, and moved my face between her legs. I was staring directly into her pussy. I kissed her snatch, putting my tongue between her lips. I licked her up and down, and felt a little firm spot, that my tongue massaged even more. I responded to Belle=s passion as I hit the right place.

Belle began to move, and positioned herself on top of me. She lowered her cunt onto my face, and leaned over to caress my cock. We were in a beautiful sixty-nine position. Belle began to gyrate her hips, and began to grind her cunt on my face. At the same time, I felt her take my cock in her mouth. She sucked on my prick head for a while, before moving more of my cock into her mouth. It felt good to be entangled with another body, another spirit.

We both pulsated and gyrated to each other=s rhythm. My nose and mouth were fully occupied with Belle=s wet pussy. She stroked my cock with her mouth, sucking and moving her head up and down. Every so often she took me in far enough so I could feel her throat around the head of my dick. My eyes were closed, I inhaled the scent of sex and woman, and drank her wetness. Belle began to shudder, and push her hips downward. My face was buried inside her spread lips. She began to moan as she came in orgasm. She sucked harder on my cock as she delved into her passion. She cam in a wave of hard sex, the insides of her thighs pushed tightly against the sides of my face. She gripped me with her legs and spasmed and shuddered. I pushed my dick farther inside her mouth.

When Belle was finished, she got off of me, and laid down on the bed. I was lost in a wave of energy waiting to be released. My cock was rigid and pulsating, vibrating with the anticipation of release. I could feel the jizz building up inside me. Belle looked up at me, and I moved my mouth to her mouth and began to kiss her lips. The scent of her cunt and her wetness on my face seemed to excite her. She reached up and grabbed my head, pulling me tight against her. She kissed me deeply, her tongue buried in my mouth. I immediately mounted her, and slid my dick inside her pussy. She pushed her hips upward, and took my entire length, Our pubic hear nestled and rubbed furious against one another. I pushed harder to get deeper insider her. Belle pushed hard against me. I felt her pussy lips tighten around my hard dick. We were in motion, gyrating to the tune of a deep sexual energy. I did not know it could be like this.

I was lost, deep inside her. I went deeper and deeper into the darkness of my closed eyes. Belle=s breath was my breath. Our mouths were locked together. My dick filled her void. I could feel a tightness in the small of my back, when I began to move in a furious spasm. It felt like a giant wad of fluid began to move from between my legs up into the shaft of my penis. I pushed harder and deeper inside her as I began to come in furious ecstasy. I started to shudder and breath deeply. I moved my head and buried my face between Belle=s neck and shoulder. I was panting and sperming for what seemed like minutes. Belle purred to my pleasure. My hips moved up and down in a feverish dance. I came from the depths of pleasure, from the depths of frustration. I came and came. Then finally stopped.

I moved off Belle and laid beside her. She moved herself close to me, and rested her head on my shoulder, with a sigh. I kissed her head, and smelled her hair. I could feel a rumbling between my legs. My dick promptly started to rise again. I took Belle=s hand, and put it on my hard dick. She acted surprised, and started to stroke me up and down. I began to twist and move my hips. With eyes closed, I breathed deeply. Inhaling and exhaling to the strokes that Belle was putting on my cock.

Belle kneeled beside me, then slid herself on top of me. She sat on top of my dick, and lowered herself down. My dick slid deep inside her. Belle sat tall and threw her head back as she arched her back. She put her hands on my knees and leaned back. I watched as her cunt moved around my dick, and up and down on top of my dick. Belle alternated her motions. I loved to watch. My eyes were focused between her legs. She moved with a great rhythm. The sight of that tight pussy wiggling on top of me, with my dick inside of her, coupled with the feeling of her wetness was almost too much to bear. I could feel my brain start to quiver. Belle moved faster and faster, and decided to take advantage of the opportunity with another orgasm. She began to come, moving still faster. The feeling on my dick was too much to bear. I began to sperm again. My brain spasmed as I released my juices in full unison with Belle=s release. I pushed harder up inside her and arched my hips to get all my cock up into her. I came and came. Bells vibrated as I squirmed. She moaned in release. I had shot anther load. The release of stored up energy felt good.

We decided to walk up the street and get something to eat. I got off the bed and got dressed. Belle started to dress, but left her panties and bra off. She put on her blue jean skirt with no underwear, and a sweatshirt on top. We put on our jackets, and went off to the deli.

After a Coke and sandwich, we walked slowly. Belle and I talked about a lot of things. I loved to hold her hand. There was something very comforting in that small gesture. It was becoming clear to me that sex was just going to be a way to relieve tension and frustration. A way to exercise. It had nothing or little to do with long term commitment or love. That is not really a fair statement, because Belle and I, although still young, felt something special for each other. As we walked and held hands, I knew that being with someone, and sexual pleasures, didn=t really have to be one and the same thing. Sex was just a way for me to maintain a balance, an equilibrium. There didn=t seem to be anything wrong or unnatural in that, because it felt like it was part of what I did. The orgasm and the physical contact that went with it seemed to relieve blocked pathways of energy. I needed the release.

We neared the entrance to the quadrangle. There were these little entrances that were dark. There were doors to the ground level and stairways to the second floor rooms. As we walked into the entrance to where we were going, Belle pulled me into a dark corner of the cement entrance. She started to kiss me hard and fast. While we kissed, Belle leaned against the wall, and unzipped my pants. Before I knew it, she was massaging my balls and dick. The excitement of being outdoors in an accessible place made my cock harder and harder. Quickly and without missing a beat, Belle pulled down my pants, then threw her legs up around my hips as she pulled hard using my shoulders for leverage. Since she wasn=t wearing any underwear, it was easy for her to surround my prick with her hot wet pussy. I pushed easily into her as she bounced up and down, my hard cock being the focal point for our balance. Belle moved herself up and down in a furious passion, rubbing herself against me, and holding on with her arms around my neck. I pressed into her harder, and pressed her against the cement wall.

Belle started to pump up and down, faster and faster. I stood steady and firm, and let her use my cock for her pleasure. Belle started to orgasm, moaning and stiffleing her screams with her mouth against my shoulder. She shuddered, and flinched and spasmed in unconscious pleasure. When she neared her finish, I pushed deep inside her, and began to orgasm in a long hard series of muscle spasm. I could feel my come explode inside her. I bit into her shoulder as I released my cream in what seemed like an orgasm that would not end. The smell of her womanly insides in the outdoor cold air was exhilarating.

I lowered her off of me, pushed her against the wall, then knelt down and pushed my face up between her legs, licking and sucking all the way back to her asshole, then back to her pussy again. I rubbed my face in a furious series of circles against her wet cunt, and drank the juices as they flowed from her freely. I kissed the soft tender area between her legs, between her pussy and her ass, and stuck my nose up her cunt. I licked and drank her clean. Belle began to rub her clitoris against my nose as I sucked her insides. She grabbed the back of my head, and pushed herself against me. She threw her legs around my neck onto my shoulders, and rubbed up and down against my face. I was surrounded by her, oblivious to anything around me. Belle pulled herself hard against me, and screamed in another climax. My face was buried inside her cunt. I could feel her tightening and spasms, then the slow release and softening as her moaning stopped. I drank a gallon of pussy juice. My cock was rock hard, but there was no time to finish. We voices coming around the corner. Belle dropped her skirt over herself as she stood up, and I pulled up my pants and tightened my belt, trying to stuff my stiff dick into my trousers as we walked out the door and toward our room. I had a little success, but couldn=t get organized. Luckily no one was walking toward us.

We reached the room. Before we even got inside, I dropped my pants and took them off. I was naked in an instant, and in heat. My cock was tight and pulsating. I grabbed its head and massaged it. I leaned back and closed my eyes. Belle was naked too. Standing before me. Before I knew it, she was on her knees, and my cock was in her mouth. There was no holding back any longer. The polite evening of sex had turned into an animalistic fury of uninhibited instinctual passion. Belle jammed by cock inside her mouth, and sucked hard.. I sat on the edge of the bed, then leaned back, so my feet were on the floor. Belle=s head was over me, working on my penis. She had one hand on my dick, and her other hand between her legs as she masturbated herself. The pleasure I was feeling was too much to bear.

Seeing her head between my legs sucking on me and seeing her masturbating herself at the same time drove me wild. I could feel my eyes roll back, as I grabbed Belle and threw her onto the bed. Her legs spread wide open and her eyes closed as I penetrated her slowly. I pushed the entire length of my cock deep inside her, and moved around in circles. I grabbed her ass cheeks, and pushed them tightly together as I moved my cock up and down inside her in quick strokes, feeling her insides rub softly yet tightly against me. I leaned over and kissed Belle, and fucked her for what seemed like an eternity. My cock would not go down. I sat her up and let her grind away on top of me as I sat on the bed. I moved her back to her back, and pumped hard in a series of up and down motions. I could feel my back begin to loosen as our intercourse continued. It seemed like we could not separate, like our bodies were meant to be this way. I was panting for breath as Bell pushed up hard against me with every stroke of passion I took to her.

I was lost in the moment. Belle was breathing hard and moving faster and faster. Her insides tightened once more, as she moaned in a low vocal chord of deep passion. I could feel myself start to orgasm again. From someplace deep inside my. My brain was a mass of firing neurons, sizzling with the heat of the moment. Belle and I came in unison. I spermed from deep within, and felt the juice fire out the end of my prick. It was like my consciousness was inside of Belle, and I was seeing the juice come out of my dick in the darkness. I was it by a missel of my own come in some sort of surreal journey into the depths of Belle=s cunt. I started to awaken from my dream, from my reverie, from the depths of the passion that Belle and I enjoyed.

The next thing I knew, I was laying on my back in the sunlight. Belle was sleeping next to me. I moved down between her legs, and started to lick her pussy. The juice and scent of sex inside a woman from the morning after was always a great pleasure to me. Belle moaned as she awoke. She smiled and stretched her arm out to wake up. My cock grew again, and I mounted Belle once more. The sensation was one of extreme sensitivity. After all our sex the night before, the feeling of m dick inside her again was too much to bear. I came again in about two minutes.

We got out of bed, showered together in the community bathroom, got dressed, and wnt off to breakfast.



One Friday night without warning, a tremendous energy swept over me, when I suddenly found myself holding the telephone and talking to Lenni, telling her that I was coming to see her right away. From the urgency in my voice, she must have thought something was wrong, until I told her that I wanted to be with her physically, and I could not wait any longer. A tremendous rush of power surged through my veins, and nothing else in the world mattered to me that night except being with Lenni and making love to her.

I met her in her dormitory room, where we talked and milled around for quite some time, before she finally told me that she was not comfortable in her dorm, and would prefer to go someplace else. I agreed. We went to the parking lot, got into my car, and drove to the outskirts of a neighboring village where we rented a small room in an inconspicuous little motel. It was eleven-thirty, when the woman from the registration counter grabbed a couple clean towels from underneath the counter, led us to our room, opened the door, turned on the light, and smiled at the both of us telling us to enjoy our evening. When the reception woman finally decided to leave the room, I took off my clothes and laid down on the bed. The room was clean and dimly lit by a small dull lightbulb hidden underneath a dirty brown lamp shade. Lenni stood over by the light, lit a cigarette, and started to undress when she realized that I was watching her every move. This made her uncomfortable, and she told me to turn off the light while she undressed. I reluctantly agreed. The sight of Lenni getting gradually naked made me all the more impatient, but gave a highly charged erotic quality to the night that was unfolding before us. Lenni=s skin appeared soft, smooth, and was a light brown color. Up until this moment, all I ever saw of her body was an occasional arm, the bottom of her legs, her hands, neck, and her face. I was blind with passion and desire, and could not wait to hold Lenni in my arms.

At long last Lenni got into bed, covered by the darkness in the room, and slid easily next to me and into my arms. Her body was firm and her skin was smooth, and I could smell her hair, and feel her arms on my back, as her hands rubbed me slowly. Her kisses tasted of a combination of cigarettes and the raw garlic, which she believed to be an aphrodisiac, that she was eating all night. From the way things were going, I had to agree with her. This was the first time we had really ever touched each other, and the first time we kissed. The anticipation of this moment over the weeks had developed into an ever building passion that found me lost inside her being, yet at the same time aware of the sensation and feeling that was beginning to shake my body. The more I kissed her, the more I lost myself in an ethereal moment where I was one with the energy between us, and one with Lenni, at the same time. I was suddenly lost in the rhythms and movements that came from our being together. The taste of her kisses combined with the smells of her passion filled my senses with a profound sense of wonder and excitement. The pace of our mutual exploration was at first slow and deliberate. We kissed and held each other for what seemed like an eternity. I began to explore her body, and caressed, kissed and tasted her skin from her head to her toes and every where in between, for what must have been hours. I was lost in sensation, and searched in the darkness, exploring her body for that which I had waited so long to find. The more I explored her, the more we started to connect. Time was irrelevant, as my body seemed to be working of its own accord. There was no sense of me anymore, as I had become joined with the essence of the woman who was Lenni. I penetrated her flesh, and suddenly was no longer alone. We moved in unison with no end in sight, as the longer we were joined together, the better the feeling. I had become a mass of sensation, tingling with the madness that filled me with every move, and intent on nothing but the energy that I shared at that moment with Lenni. The world outside my body had melted away into the darkness. I was starting to explode, and felt the inside of Lenni=s thighs rubbing furiously against the outside of my hips and legs.

I started to shake and shiver, and started to feel a slow burning sensation in my back that eventually spread into my lower back, down the crack of my ass, down between my legs, up into my testicles, and out my hardened penis. The burning continued all the way through me, and cut me as if with a knife. The motion between Lenni and I was maddening and more intense that it was before. She screamed out in the darkness, that was beginning to turn to dawn, as she pushed against me harder and harder. Finally the movement stopped, and Lenni was rubbing my back, just as she was many hours ago, when we first got into bed. I rested quietly on top of her, as her arms still held me in a gentle moment of caring. The light of day began to appear, as I mounted her again, and continued where we had just left off a short time before. I was now lost in an instinct, and had no choice in what I was doing. There was no objection from Lenni, just a small whimper, and quiet contentment.

An entire night had passed since we first crawled into bed together. Lenni was lying across my chest at a funny angle, with one her legs off the bed, and her head hanging off the side of my body. Her breasts stuck straight up as her relaxed body and her nipples glistened in the first rays of a soft golden sunrise.

Part 2

I had been in Boston for about three weeks, and was in the process of getting an apartment. Lenni came to visit about this time, and met me at the factory at the time I was still working the first shift and training with Old John. They called me down to the offices, and told me I had a visitor. When I got to Mike=s office, I saw Lenni standing there with a scarf wrapped around her head in a gypsy style, wearing a tight fitting pair of blue jeans and a wild colored Tibetan jacket that I bought a few years earlier in Rockport. Lenni looked like a full-fledged queen of the gypsies as she stood there in Mike=s , looking happy, tall, and proud. I was covered from head to toe with dirt and white clay dust from the millroom, and walked over to her quickly and gave her a hug and kiss. The office girls, who were sitting at their desks watching this whole scene, were quite perplexed. One of Mike=s assistants had made a couple advances and asked me out a few times already, and seemed annoyed at Lenni=s presence, and bewildered that Lenni was the kind of girl that I would be involved with. As I had my arms around Lenni in a tight embrace in Mike=s office, I wondered what my life would have been like if I did not leave her a note that day I gave the lecture back at her college. This thought disappeared from my mind as quickly as I came to me, as Lenni and I said good-bye to everyone at the office and headed back to my apartment in Boston.

We took a taxi back to my little room on Beacon Street. Lenni sat on the bed, as I started to get partially undressed, and grabbed a towel to go up stairs to the shower room to get cleaned up, as I was still covered with white clay dust from the millroom. Before I could get to the door, Lenni jumped up and blocked my exit. Before I knew it, she had my belt undone and my pants off and was down on her knees with her lips around my penis. While she massaged my penis with her mouth, she wiggled out of her clothes, and eventually got up on her feet and gave me a long, hard, passionate kiss, as we began to grind our bodies against each other in an intense manner. He skin smelled and tasted like I remembered, and as I began enraptured in her presence, I remembered those first days in the factory, and all the pain I went through, and how the only thing that kept me there was the memory of the scent of her womanhood, and the tight feeling of her vagina around my penis. I kissed her harder and harder, and she reciprocated my every gesture. I was becoming unconscious in a blazing passion that built to a higher and higher intensity.

We made love to each other two or three times in rapid succession, where we both succumbed to a series of intense orgasms, before I was able to leave the room and get upstairs to the shower. I was partially cleaned by the sweat of our passion anyway, but went to shower, clean up, and clear my head. When I returned to my room, Lenni was already dressed, and said she was hungry, so we walked down the street to a small restaurant and had some dinner.

We sat at our table and talked in a quiet manner, and Lenni told me she was intent on leaving college as soon as she could, and she smiled at me and said that she had forgotten the way that I eat, in an all out attack on my food, like I was an animal, and like it was my last meal. The conversation eventually turned to an apartment, and I told her I had the key to a small place over on Commonwealth Avenue. The realtor gave me the key, and said that I could try the place out over the weekend and see if I liked it. The apartment was a very large room in the basement of a building, that had been made into a three room apartment, with a nice kitchen, and a bathroom across a small hallway. The rent was within my budget, but I was reluctant to commit to the lease, as I was still not sure I wanted the responsibility of having Lenni in Boston with me. I loved our physical relationship, but still was not certain of any emotional commitment on either of our parts. Lenni said she wanted to try out for the Boston Ballet, and said she wanted to be with me, but she was very unsure and never wanted to talk about our feelings for each other. Sex with her was wild and unbridled, and was almost worth supporting her and going through all this pain in the factory. But I was still not sure of how long I wanted to stay in Boston.

Lenni and I decided we would go over to the apartment and spend the night, so we walked down Commonwealth Avenue, found the building, and entered through the front door. We walked down the stairs to the basement, and before I could get the key in the lock and open the door, Lenni had her jeans off again, and was starting to massage and kiss the back of my neck. Lenni was already naked from the waste down, and carried her jeans and underwear as we walked through the door. Although only a few hours had passed since our last session of passionate sex, I was also aroused again, and could not, and did not want to resist any impulse that I was having. The memories of my first job upstairs above the millroom in the mixing room were still fresh in my head and in my nervous system. Lenni=s breath was hot and her body gyrated and churned, as she stood in front of me stark naked, with her light brown skin shining slightly from the light outside the window. She looked at me, and her eyes met mine. I started to see her in a different way, and all in one moment saw in her a tremendous loneliness coupled with a deep need to be wanted. It was as if, in the strange dim light, her eyes sparkled, and I could see into her soul. She was like me in so many ways, that the familiarity was staggering. The fact that we both needed and wanted many of the same things made the prospect of living with Lenni on a permanent basis all the more frightening, but as I went over to her in the falling darkness of this apartment, and began to kiss her body and feel her skin next to mine, the outside world vanished, and I was again lost in the essence of what made Lenni a child, and a woman, all at the same time. I was again surrounded by passion, and could not stop my journey. I caressed and tasted every inch of Lenni=s body over and over again, and made love to her again like it was the first time. She massaged and sucked my penis as we ground against each other in a furious encounter in the sixty-nine position, as her vagina and clitoris ground hard against my face and tongue.

We made love for hours, and had mutual orgasm on top of orgasm. Lenni and I had become insatiably and hopelessly lost in each other. It was more than I could ever dream of. I had a habit of not losing my erection after I orgasmed, and Lenni had come to expect this. I could come over and over again, and still stay hard inside her, so our passionate encounters built in intensity as the two of us could go on for hours without stopping. I was amazed at what an appetite we both had for our mutual pleasures and sharing. Sex with Lenni could be as passionate and wild and untamed as it could be sensitive and caring, and we mutually explored every possible place that was in between these two extremes.

When we finally were able to stop, it was about three a.m. As I began to regain consciousness from a sexual excess, I became aware of a party in the condominium above us on the first floor. The music was loud, and the floor vibrated. I was very tired from work and from Lenni, so we walked back to my little room on Beacon Street, took of our clothes, and got into bed. The room was intensely quiet, and the soft light from neon signs and street lights, that shined in the window, gave this moment a softness and warmth that started to put me to sleep. I was slowly awakened a short time later, as Lenni had again put her vagina on my face, and was laying on top of me with my erect penis in her mouth. I reacted instinctively, and ground my hips, and pushed my penis deeper into her mouth and throat, as her sweet smelling womanhood covered and drowned me in a wave of pure delight. I was near exhaustion, but I was still able to meet Lenni half way on another journey into passion. I was unconscious, and drank Lenni=s juices as she sent pure sensations, that began in the head of my penis, up and down my body. Lenni eventually changed her position, and straddled my body, putting my penis inside her. She began to grind and breath very hard. I watched her in the soft light, as I lay on my back, as her head went back, and her breasts heaved up and down. Her hands pushed hard on my shoulders as she was nearing another orgasm. Lenni started to pant and screamed a soft gently scream of relief, and disbelief, and bucked wildly in spasm as she gripped my penis tighter with her vagina. When I was sure she had finished, I took a deep breath, and lying on my back, pushed my penis hard inside her, raising my hips and her body at least two feet off the bed, as I began an orgasm that did not want to stop.

The next thing I remember was opening my eyes and seeing the light of a Boston Saturday morning. Lenni was sleeping beside me, curled in a fetal position with her body pressed against mine. We were two souls, too much alike, lost in a search for something that neither one of us could identify. But nothing intellectual mattered. I knew I liked her with me, and I was comfortable with Lenni next to me, and when I looked into her eyes, I saw an affirmation of myself, and I was happy.

The rest of the weekend was a blur. Lenni left on the Sunday afternoon bus. At the bus station, she told me she was definitely leaving school, and that she wanted to be with me.

Lenni left college, and moved to Boston a short time later. I argued with her vehemently before she left school, trying to convince her to stay and finish out the year, and then see how it went from there. I told her to consider how her father would feel if she left school, but she said she did not care how anybody felt, insisting that it was her decision alone, and that she was moving in with me. In light of Lenni=s decision, I rented the basement apartment, against my better judgement, and told her I would be ready when she arrived. A few days later, when I went to meet her bus, I hoped against hope that she would not be on it. But Lenni appeared through the door, walked down the steps smiling, and gave me a tight, clinging hug, as if she was holding on to me for her life, transferring a feeling of resignation and finality to me in the way she held me. So I picked up her bags, and found a taxi to take us the few blocks bag to our apartment on Commonwealth Avenue.



I first met Mary when she and her fiancee came into the pro shop. They joined one year as new members. I liked them. Len seemed like a likeable guy. Mary was smiling and happy. I introduced myself and shook both their hands.

I saw them frequently on different occasions that spring. Mostly one without the other. I thought that kind of weird, but they apparently led their own lives, and golfed whenever the opportunity presented itself. After a few weeks, they both inquired about private lessons. I didn=t think anything of it, since it was my job to teach golf. I scheduled lessons with them both for different days and different times.

Mary was a natural swinger of the golf club. Her progress was rapid over the course of many lessons. We worked on her swing diligently through all kinds of weather. One night as the weather began to warm, she invited me to have a drink with her upstairs in the bar. The sunset that warm late spring night was particularly brilliant. We moved outside to a table and began to talk.

Mary told me that she wanted me. She wanted to make love to me. To have an affair with me. I told her that she was getting married in a few days, and I couldn=t understand her thinking. She told me not to get noble on her now that she had put her cards on the table. I asked her about her upcoming marriage. She said she didn=t love Len, and that she was only marrying him for his money and the beautiful lake house he owned. I don=t know what I thought. I agreed to have a physical relationship with her.

The next day she called me in the pro shop, and told me to meet her. I did. We drove around looking for a spot to park. We finally found an old dirt road that ran between two fields. We drove in and she stopped the car. In a second, Mary was sitting on top of me kissing me. She said that one of us should keep our clothes on, and immediately stripped naked. He kisses were hot. She was electric. I was lost.

We kissed for what seemed like forever. Mary rubbed her wet crotch up and down my thigh and up against me own hard cock that bulged underneath my pants. She moved faster and faster, and finally came as she bit my next. He lower body moved so fast against me that I thought a fire would break out. I proceeded to sperm inside my pants. Not messy or uncomfortable. She had a way of making an orgasm seem new. She new how to take me where I wanted to go. Always, of course, after she had satisfied herself first.

Mary was small in stature with a nicely shaped ass and nice tits that were just firm enough and hung in my face. We fit nicely in the car together. Since she was getting married in a day or two, this was all I thought we were going to have.

I didn=t see her for about a week. When Mary did come back, she showed me her ring and asked me to meet her on our road after I finished work. I agreed. It=s a funny thing, but it never really bothered me that she was married. Just married or otherwise.

This time the day was warm and sunny. We drove further up the road, and found a spot that was off in high grass next to a hedgerow. Mary had her clothes off before we finished walking. She laid down a blanket knelt down and unzipped my pants. I striped naked and stood in front of her. She began to rub my dick, which got really big and hard in a second flat. She took me into her mouth. I knelt down next to her and began to kiss her. We kissed hard and long. Our tongues worked furious, one with the other. I was lost in this moment. My blood boiled. My dick pulsated as the blood pounded inside it. Mary sat on my face and reached down to suck on my cock. Our sixty-nine went on for what seemed like an eternity. I could feel my cock inside her mouth and down her throat as she moved her head up and down. She gyrated her hips above me as her wet cunt slid all over my face. My tongue licked her furiously. She had a way of making me do just what she wanted me to do without me even knowing I was doing it.

Our bodies were joined somehow. My nose was against her asshole. I licked her everywhere. I drank her juices. She vibrated on top of my face moving faster and faster as her cunt lips began to tighten over my face. I could sense her twitching as she threw her head back and shoed her face to the bright blue sky, which I looked at through the crack of her ass, as she came in a violent, circular motion. She screamed at the sky and bucked her crotch against my face. I thought I was in heaven.

My cock was rock hard and pulsating with the anticipation of an orgasm. Mary sensed this, and moved her cunt on top of it. I slid into her as she moved her insides around my prick. Her circular motions were too much to handle. She began to bounce up and down on top of my hard on as I began to come. I felt my fluid burst deep inside her. I could feel the gysms of unconsciousness begin to creep into my awareness. Each burst of come was better than the next. I could almost hear my come splash against the inside her of body. I jammed my cock hard up inside her and lifted her toward the sky as I finished my explosions. I never felt like that before.

Mary got off me and laid down next to me and curled up in a little ball. She began to weep and said in a quiet voice Awhat have I done?@ I laughed and told her not to worry about it. We did what we wanted to do. Mary told me that her husband did not excite her, and that I was all she could think about on their honeymoon. I had no reply.

That was the start of our relationship. I must have had sex with her at least a two hundred times or more during a four month period of that summer. She would call and we would arrange time to meet out at the road. It didn=t matter whose car it was in. It was outside in the tall grass on the warm summer days. The smell of her cunt mixing with the pungent summer air was like a battle call for me. I fucked her often and everywhere. On the golf course, in a golf cart, in the bushes next to greens, on the greens, in the clubhouse, in the dining room, in the locker room. If we got within a hundred yards of each other, I knew I was going to fuck her.

I would get to work early, say about five thirty in the morning, before anyone else got there. Mary would pull in about two minutes after me. She would be naked by the time she got in the clubhouse door and in my lap kissing me and grabbing my dick before I could say one, two, I didn=t even need to get to three.

Before I knew it I too was naked and we were screwing in a chair of on the floor of the dining room or on a table or on a bench in the locker room. Mary would always end up on top. Grinding away and writhing with her pre orgasm energy. She just pumped and wiggled on my dick until she had her come. Sometimes she would pound on my chest and pull my hair. But she had to come. I would shoot a load right after she finished. Then we would get dressed, Mary would grab a cup of coffee, and drive off to work.

My shift usually ended at about three or four in the afternoon. She would call at lunch and ask me to meet her after work. We would screw once in the morning and once in the afternoon, then she went off to her husband for dinner. I fucked so much that summer I lost about thirty pounds and thought I was going to die. I was weak as a hornet, but played the best golf I ever played in my life. I was too filled with cunt juice from eating her pussy, and too unconscious from sex that I was on automatic pilot. I shot a seven under par for one nine hole round. I could do no wrong. I just pictured her face as she screamed from orgasm, and the good shots kept coming. Her deep blue eyes followed me wherever I went. I was haunted be her. Haunted by our tremendous sexual tension.

Mary was always ready. He clothes would be off in a second flat. She was always looking back to see who was behind us on the course and how far away they were. If there was an opportunity, she would slip off her shorts and top and slid herself on top of me. My dick would be hard even before I knew what she was doing. There was this anticipation and chemistry between us. We would fuck on the cart paths in broad daylight.

One night we were playing slowly behind the leagues. We played slow. It was a steamy hot evening with a bright hot sunlight. We got the sixteenth tee, and started talking. Before I knew it, we were entwined in our ritual position on the passenger side of the cart. Me sitting and Mary grinding away with my stiff hard penis inside her. I had a hard time orgasming this time. It was hot and I was so unconscious from the sexual intoxication that I didn=t want to come. When I did erupt, I pushed so hard up inside her that I thought my balls were going to burst. I came for what seemed like a minute or more without stopping. The juice would not stop flowing and the shudders and spasms of this orgasm did not seem to want to stop. I did not care where I was. My eyes were closed and I was engrossed in my own sense of sexual pleasure.

When my eyes finally did open and I finally stopped shaking, I could feel a tremendous wetness flowing over my balls and into my crotch. I looked down and fluid was dripping down between Mary=s legs with my dick still up inside her. Drops of our juices fell to the floor of the cart. The sun was gold and intense. The smell of her cunt and of our sex put me into a stupor. My head was spinning from the intensity of my orgasm. I squinted my eyes and took a deep breath. I felt alive, and tired, and drained from someplace deep inside me.

She finally got off me, took her golf club, and walked to the tee stark naked except for her golf shoes. She played the entire hole in the nude as I just pushed on the gas pedal and took the cart to the green where I met her.

I remember one Saturday morning. I was out very early changing the pin placements, and I smelled her somewhere on the golf course. I knew she was out there someplace. I couldsmell her scent. It was the morning of the biggest tournament of the year. I drove from green to green on the front nine with her scent still in my nostrils. It couldn=t have been six a.m. yet. Then I saw her on the fourth green. I was driving down the fifth fairway toward the fifth green. I changed the cup on number five, then went around to number seven which was just a short distance away. My plan was to meet Mary on the sixth green. I couldn=t wait. I saw her walking over the bridge toward the sixth tee. I jumped into the cart and drove straight toward her. The sixth tee is sheltered, on the edge of a bunch of trees, with a hedgerow down the left side that serves as out of bounds.

When I got to her, she was just about to tee up a ball. I jumped out of the cart and threw her over my shoulder without saying a word. I carried her toward the hedgerow where I laid her down and started kissing her before she hit the ground. Mary was naked in about two seconds and my pants were off just as fast. My dick was hard by the time I got to her. Rock hard in anticipation. Mary jumped on top of me and began to grind away. I pumped my cock up inside her at a feverish pace. I couldn=t take it. Her scent coupled with the moist early morning grass that we were laying in was too much to take. The smells of a mid summer morning coupled with our copulating drove me over the edge. I aw the sun rising as I jammed my dick up her harder and harder. Mary writhed and gyrated and pumped herself up and down. She knew how to fuck.

We both began to come at the same time. It couldn=t have been more than a couple minutes since I rammed myself up inside her. She stopped her movements and looked down at me. My prick was still rock hard, and I began to pump her again. She grabbed on to my neck and held on, lost in her own satisfaction. Mary threw her head back as her pussy began to tighten around my swollen, hard member. Our animal passion was surrounding me , taking me someplace I had never been before. I pushed her toward the sky, higher and higher, harder and harder. She was wet and wild as she pounded my chest with her fists. I began to come again. So did Mary. We orgasmed in unison, our bodies consumed with a sexual energy that seemed all too familiar. It was wild and untamed. She was wet and tight around my cock. Her juices flowed down and covered my balls as I shot a second load up inside her.

After we came, we separated. I pulled my still hard cock out of her, and pulled up my pants, a bulge still evident. Mary picked up her shorts and shirt top, and threw them over her shoulder with her golf bag as she walked naked toward the green. It was a real sight. All she wore was golf shoes as she putted out. We never said a word to each other. It was mysterious and wonderful, to be that alive and that insane. Too be that overwhelmed by my animal instincts. I didn=t care what anybody said or di. I didn=t care about my job or anything else. All I cared about was my passion with Mary.

Another time we played nine holes on a Friday night with her husband, Len, along for the ride. It was just before dark when we finished. Mary told Len she wanted to go out and work on her driver for another hole or two, and that we would meet him in the bar. She moved her bag over to my cart, and jumped on the seat next to me. We both teed off, for appearances sake, then drove off into the twilight, straight for the farthest part of the course. Mary had already stripped and was giving me a blow job before we stopped the cart. We got out under a tree and started another furious fuck. I wanted to eat her, but she told me she was having her period. So I put my dick inside her around slid it around. It was exceptional feel. Slick and wet, together with her tight little pussy lips. It was all I could handle. We rolled around in damp grass entwined in another fit of raging sexuality. Mary ended up on top of me, driving her knees into the ground as she moved herself up and down on top of my dick.

She came with a moan in the darkness. I shot a furious load up inside her. When we stood up, I felt my dick, all wet from her insides. Wet like the moistness of the night. I lost track of time. All I knew was that it was dark. I drove her to the clubhouse and parked the cart out front. I put Mary=s clubs on the bag drop, as she walked inside and up the stairs to meet her husband at the bar. I put my clubs in my car, washed and parked the cart, locked the cart bar, and went home.

What a crazy four months. Consumed by sex and animal passion. There were countless episodes in all kinds of weather in all kinds of places. We didn=t need a motel. All we needed was each other in the same space. We merged into one spontaneous sexual explosion. I was helpless, hopeless, and infinitely happy all at the same time. Time did not exist. I would meet her anytime and anywhere just to confirm this maddening insanity that followed me everywhere. I loved her just because she was as insane as I was. I loved her just because she made me feel good. I loved her because she let me love her. I loved her because she was who she was.

We spent time at a three hundred dollar a day bed and breakfast. I would rent a room, and we would pretend to be going on a day trip to play golf. Like we were fooling anybody. Except maybe Len. But he only saw what he wanted to see. We made no attempt to hide anything. It was a fine madness. We would fuck all day and spend time in the hot tub. I came at least six times a day. Then we would go downstairs to a specially prepared dinner. Just the two of us in the place. We would go up to our room and fuck till dark. Every possible way imaginable. I had so many orgasms I quite counting. Then we packed up and checked out, because she had to be home at night with Len. I opened my briefcase and paid the guy with three on hundred dollar bills, smiled, and walked out the door.

Another time we went to Binghamton to play some golf. We found a sop just around the corner from the golf course, and went into some woods with our blanket for a pre-round of golf fuck. After golf we drove up to Whitney Point and stopped for dinner at the place called Aiello=s or something like that. We at some brachiole and ravioli, and Mary drank some wine. It was getting late and was time to get home. It was a cold autumn night, and before we got to the car that was parked on a side street, Mary had her pants off. She seldom wore underwear, so she was always prepared for action.

We jumped into the car. As the heater warmed the inside of the car, Mary was naked and curled up in the passenger seat before we hit Route 81. She reached over, grabbed my hand, and put it between her legs. She took my fingers and showed me how to masturbate her. She led me on a journey between her legs and into her orgasms with my right hand, as I drove the car with my left. I massaged her and rubbed her just the way she wanted me to. All the way to the Homer exit. Mary was engrossed in a reverie of sexual pleasure. My hand never left her crotch. She let me solo, and I brought her to another orgasm.

On Route 41A, we pulled over to one of those dirt rest stops near the gully and next to the woods. As I put the car in park, Mary undid my pants. I got out of the car, stripped naked and moved over to the passenger seat. Mary slid down between my legs, and swallowed my cock. She sucked and licked and jerked me off just the say I liked it. She massaged the head of my dick alternating between her hands and her mouth and tongue. I pushed the seat back, and relaxed, letting out a moan of ecstasy here an there. After a while, Mary pulled herself up and mounted my dick. Before long, we both came. It was not furious, or violent. But subdued and pleasant, slow, soft, mellow, and filled with pleasure. I held her head next to mine, still pushing my hard cock up inside her. I could hear her breathing. I felt her moist breath. I loved this woman. She was as much an animal as I was. We were too much alike. And way too different to ever survive.

Then there was the time on a cold autumn day . I met Mary at a drive-in restaurant east of Skaneateles. We were going to play golf somewhere. I don=t really remember where. It was a cold day. It was raining a little too. Mary was in a bad mood and kept trying to open the car door. I thought she was going to try to jump out while I was driving sixty miles and hour. She kept talking incoherent and wouldn=t tell me what was bothering her. We pulled off onto some side orad and parked near a corn field where we fucked for about an hour straight. She climbed right on top of me and kissed for what seemed like an eternity as she slid my cock inside her without me even knowing it. I was lost in the physical sensation. I just kept breathing. Mary=s mouth was all over mine and her tongue slid against my tongue as she ground herself tight down around my stiff dick. We both finally came in a burst of emotional passion. The physical release was twice as intense as it usually was. I was stark naked when we finished. I didn=t even realize I had my clothes off.

We never did make it to the golf course. We drove for a while more, and stopped on some other road that she knew about and had another round of animal passion. I came twice in a row without eve pulling out of her. I pushed so hard against her that her back was against the roof of the car. It was sleeting rain and snow showers. At least that is what I could see out of the steam covered windows. I could not get enough of her. The fuck session must have lasted about two hours. My dick never went soft as I pumped and sat still. Mary did what she did. Grinding and screaming and hitting me and pulling my hair and kissing me all in spontaneous combustion. It wasn=t even cold in the car. It was pure physical sensation. A surrender and a sharing of the senses.

We finally started driving back home as Mary=s weird mood returned. I let her out near her car and rolled my window down to talk to her. As she was standing near the car window, she suddenly began to pummel my face with both her fists. She had not said much all day but was acting really strange. Then this violent outburst. I let her hit me in the face for about a minute, just sitting there in the car as her fists pounded at me. Then I slowly tried to grab her hands to stop her. I finally was able to control her hands. I held on to them until she assured me that she was under control and that she could drive her car without cracking up. I told her to call me when she wanted to call. Then I watched her get into her car as I drove away. I was thankful we were near home. The sun began to shine and the clouds parted showing a late afternoon blue sky.
The temperatures seemed to warm as I headed back to Auburn.

Like all good things, it had to come to an end. It was a warm day in December and I pulled up to the driving range to hit some balls. I thought I was all alone, until I saw this bicycle and rider pull out from behind the clubhouse. It was Mary. I hadn=t seen her for a while since the golf course shut down. There we were, just the two of us again. She asked my how I was, and walked over to the range barn where the cart and range picker were parked. I went to my car and took out the blanket. We went into the cart barn and screwed again for a long time. I couldn=t really get aroused. I didn=t want to. But I finally mustered up a hard on and stuck it up inside her. It really did feel good. She was warm and tight as I pushed her skyward for the last time. I held my cock up in her as my hips began to gyrate in a prelude to a violent orgasm. Mary=s screams echoed in the steel barn. I had the sense that it was just for my benefit. It felt good to sperm inside her again. I got dressed and asked her if she wanted to go to dinner. She said yes. We threw her bicycle into the back of my car, and I took her to a local restaurant where we had our pre-Christmas meal after she had given me my Christmas present.

We never did talk much about anything important. At least that I can remember. That was our last encounter.