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John B Lombardo-Artist-Visual Record Selected Works-1970-2008"



Like the title says: this book contains selected images from the past 38 years, that's 38 years of love, personal assessment, cosmic wanderings, focus, and labor. A single art work would cost you thousands, but single art works are not the point anymore. We are all concerned about the image, and the image alone. This book contains over 100 images for you to ponder.

I decided to do this project when I started to photograph and catalogue my works in the fall of 2007. As I started to uncover the works from stacks upon stacks and unroll canvases from years past, a strong, powerful, and real energy started to fill me. The energy was coming from the art works. I started to see different things in the works, even some works over 20 years old. The end result was that I have gone through a healing process, healing in many ways and on many different levels. This same power is available to you on the pages of "The Book".

Once in a while an artist comes along with a really unique point of view, and a knack to make that point of view visual. My work exudes a strength of spirit and a power of soul. My work can energize and strengthen and renew you to your very core.

If you look at the images presented in public here for the very first time, you will feel a response some place inside of your being, inside of who you are; and every time you pick up the book, if you are alive and breathing, you will have a different experience. The images can set you free, fill you with hope, and make you feel more alive.

In short, you cannot look through this book and not respond in some way, you have to feel something new.

I have worked hard, and have protected and kept my creative spirit alive over the past many years, because I know it is important, not just to me, but to the world in general. I am still here, despite the odds, for a reason. Most of all, I need to keep working and exercising my unique creative process.

So I have made visible for the very first time a series of over 100 images. The price I have paid over the years to make this happen was high indeed. What price would you pay to help your self feel better, stronger and more alive, and to make yourself survive on a higher level in a world filled with so much basic uncertainty?

Go ahead! Get excited! Push the "Buy Now" button and help yourself along your path to discover and renewed strength and energy!

Thanks in advance,

John B Lombardo

Very First Painting


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