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We Are Moving Faster Than You Think


"The Speed We Move"

By: John B. Lombardo
Your soul is my soul. We all come from the same place and eventually, we will all go back to the same place. That is the beauty of this whole thing, it has no beginning and it has no end. It is what it is and we all eventually go to from where we came. Carl Jung once said that the further one gets from one’s center, the greater the distortion of the given reality. As we get further and further away from our starting point, the more a reality distortion sets in.

We are inside time, but outside time.

Consider these facts. The earth spins on its axis at a rate of 1,040 miles an hour at its equator. The earth also travels on its orbital path through space around the sun at 65,000 miles per hour. Next in the progression, the earth and other planets (our solar system) travel through space at the rate of 40,000 miles per hour, on a course in the direction of a blue star called Vega. Finally, our galaxy is moving at a rate of 700,000 miles per hour toward the constellation Cepheus. Finally, there are spiral galaxies found beyond our Milky Way are speeding away from us at the rate of 25 million miles per hour.

Now we know that “dark matter”, a relatively newly discovered component, is accelerating the pace or speed at which the universe (meaning all universe, total universe, everything there is everything that exists, anywhere, whether we know about it or not) and all its contents are moving apart. Think about that. Everything there is, is being pulled apart at an ever increasing speed. Meaning this acceleration will continue to become faster and faster until all matter, all universe, is blown apart into nothingness.

If you consider these facts, we are actually moving, at an astounding rate of speed, 700,000 miles per hour. It is obvious that we are not staying in one place for too long. If you consider your age in hours, and multiply it by 700,000, that will tell you how far you have travelled through space since your birth. Imagine the amount of space you have gone through, different space with different textures and different dimensions and different realities. What is even more bizarre, we are distorting on one plane, and experiencing our reality as everyday occurrences on another plane. It is no wonder we sometimes get confused and act bizarre.

Consider the different textures, thicknesses, warps and just plain different things that we experience on a second to second basis, things we cannot understand or even be aware of because they are absorbed by the other 94 percent of our consciousness, the area called the unconscious, the area that we largely ignore because we do not want to deal with any unconscious implications during the course of our everyday reality. It gets too confusing, too much information, too much to deal with. Therein sets up a very real denial at one of the deepest levels of our individual personalities, as well as a collective denial of so many different things that are going on around us. We do not have a clue as to what is going on. We just hope to get through another day.



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