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Evolution's Ladder 

"Spiral Of The Unknown" 

By: John B Lombardo Artist 
Evolution's ladder, the spiral of the unknown. Don't know where I am going not sure really of where I have been. This whole thing is just too much work, maybe it is just another source of energy. I breath my everyday keep waking up keep going to where it is I am going. I know of not better answer than to say that "I just do not know. I have said before and I will say again there is no unbroken circle it is alot of bullshit and weak minded hooey.

There is however a spiral, an everlasting winding road that goes further and further along the road of evolution, personal and collective, the unfolding of the collective unconscious the unoversal being of who we are all together, not justa as individuals. It all blends together, gives us a sense of who we are and where we are going.

The last of the mohicans I wrekon are we, filled with our silly selves, our ego-centered beings of who we think we are. We just keep reveling in the illusion, the thing that keeps us all going, the wrestling match with what we think we are. Without an illusion, we would have no personal realities, we would have no place to go when we wake up every morning. So we create someplace out there a land where we can function as individual consciousi, laughng at ourselves as we float past the window of eternity that will eventuall take us all back to whence we came.

So we build ourselves into nothingness the great place from where we came. We think we are real but we are not, we think we are here but we are not. We are wherre we are, nothing but energy made into matter for a short period or time, filleed with the eternal illusion that we are beings that really matter in the whole scheme of things.

Once again it is just context, the context of each individual mnoment that we are here, that we are Live, that we are conscious of something. We are in a sense master of our own destiny within this illusion, becaasue we think that we have a say over what is in reality happening to us. But like I said this is all too easy, it is too simple. But simple in essence is the finality of what we all have coming to us. One day we stop breathing, and continue up the spiral, only without a body. We leave ourselves at a point of no return, leave what we were behind.

There is nothing to hold onto, just the flow of consciousness aas it takes us all eventually by the hand leading by the purest of energies, the purest of thoughts, and taking us to the next space in our ladder of evolution.

We are all just context, living our dreams in this time that these particular molecules (just energy in the long run) that make up our illusion have given to form, our bodies, our physical awareness, our reflection in the mirror of consciousness that make us this reality we have heac and every moemnt on earth, or where ever it is we are.


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